Job Openings [OliOli® Doha] Assistant Guest Engagement Manager

About the job [OliOli® Doha] Assistant Guest Engagement Manager

Position: Assistant Guest Engagement Manager

Location: Doha, Qatar

Executive Summary

Join an amazing group of people at OliOli® and help them to achieve their mission to deliver exciting, joyful, differentiated, world-class, and incredibly fun experiences to children that nurture their innate sense of curiosity and exploration.

OliOli® (means joy in the Hawaiian language) is a multiple award-winning contemporary childrens museum that opened to rave reviews in 2017. Founded by a group of parents who are passionate about open-ended non-judgmental play, OliOli® entails 7 interactive galleries comprising over 45 hands-on exhibits.

The awesome team at OliOli® comes from over 10 countries including United States, Switzerland, Scotland, India, Philippines, South Africa, Latvia, Colombia, Mexico, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. Find out more information about OliOli® @ or

The Assistant Guest Engagement Manager ensures that all Museum guests have an awesome, safe and augmentative experience by providing leadership to the team of front-line employees, offering outstanding customer service to guests, and by ensuring the Museum is welcoming, clean, and properly staffed. As member(s) of the leadership team, Assistant Guest Engagement Manager(s) help(s) to train, coach and supervise OliOli® front-line colleagues regarding interaction, facilitation and the guest experience. Assistant Guest Engagement Manager(s) work directly on the floor, facilitating and resetting within exhibits. Assistant Guest Engagement Manager(s) also work to ensure the successful implementation of special events, facility rentals and Museum programs, including field trips, birthday parties, camps, workshops, and daily programs.


Visitors Experience and Service

  • Supervise, coach and lead 1-on- 1 check-in meetings with OliOli® front-of-house colleagues working as Gallery Attendants, Imaginators, and Lead Imaginators
  • Design, deliver or facilitate training for the team (in conjunction with the Director of Family Engagement)
  • Managing team building activities and initiatives on a periodic basis which are combined with training/conversations/communication etc.
  • Creating and sustaining a culture of cohesion, playfulness, and positive reinforcement
  • Opening conversation + pep-talk with the team
  • Closing conversation + reflections with the team
  • Assessing/evaluating performance on a regular basis in accordance with agreed upon metrics and parameters
  • Model appropriate adult-child interactions and exemplary customer service with OliOli® guests and partners; provide leadership on the floor in alignment with OliOli® core values
  • Actively communicating our values/priorities with the guests
  • Encouraging the development of true relationships with guests
  • Coordinate with relevant colleagues to ensure that OliOli® is clean and safe
  • Effectively manage the time of the team (particularly during off-peak hours) to ensure they are productively and satisfactorily engaged
  • Create a seamless mechanism to understand, assess, and respond to visitor feedback (positive or negative)
  • Pattern recognition in terms of guest complains and proactively resolving those issues; similarly pattern recognition in terms of team issues and proactively solving any problems
  • Structured compilation and sharing of the visitor feedback with colleagues to address the complaints raised and avoid similar problems in the future
  • Manage staff scheduling to ensure adequate coverage for daily operations, events and programs
  • Support the hiring and onboarding process; including interviewing, scheduling and training
  • Work with the content person to deliver awesome events, activations, and other programs that OliOli® has to offer
  • NOTE: This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities or qualifications associated with the job

Other Responsibilities

  • Working with other colleagues, proactively contribute to the success of any special events and programs designed to enhance the profile of OliOli® within the community
  • Work effectively with temporary staff (many of whom are expected to be students who are not likely to have extensive work experience)
  • Perform other duties and be involved in projects and activities that contribute to the achievement of OliOli®s objectives


  • Demonstrated interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills
  • Supervisory/leadership experience and ability to effectively supervise and motivate staff
  • Ability to manage time, prioritize tasks and balance project demands effectively
  • Leadership experience preferred
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, commitment to customer service and strong attention to detail.
  • Ability to handle emergency situations with professionalism and competence
  • Outstanding communication skills and ability to coordinate, ensure and troubleshoot customer service and operational needs
  • Ability to work with diverse staff and visitors

Traits & Characteristics

  • Self-starter and self-motivated; thrives working in a team-oriented and collaborative environment
  • Lots of positive energy; respectful of diversity; patient and empathetic; friendly; courteous
  • Interest and enthusiasm for working with children and families.
  • Ability to work with diverse staff and visitors.
  • Adaptable to perform a variety of duties.


  • The role is expected to be physically demanding and the candidate must have the physical and emotional capacity to deal with the roles requirements
  • The working timings include morning and/or evening shifts. Weekends and holidays work are required
  • Uniform/dress code required