Terms And Conditions for Referral Programs

Referral Program


To be able to gain another Sourcing Channel that would ensure the supply of candidates for any hiring needs.

It also aims to have the organization be engaged in the efforts of finding the right candidate for Open Look.

Rules of the Program:

1.         All employees of Open Look are eligible to participate in the program.

2.         Management will peg a substantial amount per hire as a referral incentive fee to eligible employee.

3.         It shall be fixed to 3,000.00 per successful candidate.

5.         All members of the organization except the following are allowed to participate in the program: 

a.    HR Personnel

b.    Supervisors/Managers

c.    Management

Program Mechanics:

1.        The Open Look employee must secure a referral slip from the HR Department

2.         The referring employee must personally know the referee (friend, relative, etc.)

3.         The form must be filled out and attached to the résumé of the referee before any Recruitment The process takes place.

4.         The résumé and the filled-out slip must be endorsed to the HR Department.

5.         The referred candidate must be able to go through and pass each stage of the recruitment process. If the candidate does not pass any of the Recruitment Processes, it invalidates the employee’s referral.

6.         Successful candidate endorsed through the referral program means that the candidate passed the entire Recruitment Process, have signed the contract, and day 1 of on-boarding date (hire date).

Eligibility for Employee to get referral incentive:

1.        Candidate must sign the contract.

2.        Candidate must be a show during the hire date.

3.        Probationary employees with referral candidates must complete their 3 months review to qualify for the 1st payout.  If employment is terminated before regularization, the employee shall not be eligible to receive the 2nd payout.

4.        Referred candidate must remain an employee of Open Look for no less than 3 months.

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