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About the job Payroll Specialist


We are a family owned and operated business, proud to deliver the best strategic logistics solutions to help lower overall transportation costs, improve efficiency and meet deadlines to keep your business moving forward.

Our client is looking to looking for a dedicated Payroll Specialist who will oversee and supervise the payroll/billing functions of the Company, ensuring pay and billing is processed on time, accurately, and in compliance with government regulations. The Payroll Specialist will report directly to the Director of Finance.


· Implement, maintain, and review payroll processing, billing, and accounting systems to ensure timely and accurate processing of payroll transactions including salaries, benefits, garnishments, taxed, and other deductions. Searching each financial statement for any payment inconsistencies or errors

  • Collaborating with customers, third party institutions and other team members to resolve billing inconsistencies and errors
  • Creating invoices and billing materials to be sent directly to a customer
  • Inputting payment history, upcoming payment information or other financial data into an individual account
  • Finding financial solutions for customers who may need payment assistance
  • Informing customers of any missed or upcoming payment deadlines
  • Calculating and tracking various company financial statements
  • Ensure accurate and timely processing of payroll updates including new hires, terminations, and charges to pay rates
  • Prepare and maintain accurate records and reports of payroll/billing transactions.
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state, and local payroll wage and hour laws and best practices
  • Facilitate audits by providing records and documentation to auditors.
  • Identify and recommend updates to payroll/billing accounting software, systems, and procedures
  • Perform other related duties as assigned


· Extensive knowledge of payroll functions including preparation, balancing, internal control and payroll taxes

  • Knowledge of billing, invoicing and ACH
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills