Job Description:

We are actively seeking a dynamic and enthusiastic Data Engineer who possesses a keen interest in the latest data technology stack to become a valuable member of their team.

Key Requirements:

  • Experience with Teradata
  • Proficiency in PowerBI
  • Competence in MSSQL
  • Familiarity with Hive
  • Knowledge of Ab Initio (essential)
  • Understanding of Data APIs

In this role, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Building data warehouse components on the Teradata platform (utilizing the 3NF model)
  • Crafting compelling data presentations on dashboards and visualizations using PowerBI
  • Ensuring full compliance with data governance by documenting data definitions and business glossaries
  • Seeking approval for data models before their utilization
  • This opportunity promises a stimulating environment for those who are passionate about working with cutting-edge data technologies and shaping the future of data engineering.

If this exciting prospect aligns with your skills and aspirations, please do not hesitate to respond. We are eager to learn more about your qualifications and explore how you can contribute to our client's success.

Working Place:

Johannesburg, GP, South Africa