Job Description:

12 months contract at a large Bank. Remote position

As an engineering lead you will be expected to create innovative software systems and end-to-end solutions that meet business needs and customer demands. We operate at huge scale and at aback fast pace; this is an opportunity to contribute to our software stack in an unparalleled way compared to any other role.

The engineering leads are responsible for systems engineering and solution design across the organisation's technology stack, from back-end through to the front-end. They are responsible for leading multi-disciplinary teams to deliver customer value as well as ensuring architectural governance and processes are adhered to. The engineering lead works hand in hand with product owners, software engineers and interfaces across all the organisation's centres of excellence in refining and researching solutions. Engineering leads ultimately drive the evolution of the technical landscape and are responsible for continuously enhancing and optimising the bank's effectiveness.

Working Place:

Sandton, GP, South Africa