Job Openings Resident Director

About the job Resident Director

Our client is a regional funds management company that advises its clients on global asset allocation.

Resident Director

You are instrumental in business planning to ensure strategic objectives are achieved. You will be managing the business in accordance with MAS guidelines with focus on compliance and regulated activities.

Strategy Planning

  1. Take charge of the Group's local acquisitions.
  2. Participate in transactional and contractual negotiations, etc., and advancing due diligence work of projects.
  3. Manage existing assets and analyse potential asset value-added opportunities
  4. Responsible for research and development of opportunities.
  5. Keep abreast with developments in the industry, to provide the Company with innovative business models.

Financial Management

  1. Access financial information, costs controls, and monitor business operations and risks management, adjusting business goals and strategies appropriately.
  2. Provide analysis to all operational reports.
  3. Assist management in strategies and developing financial models.

Human Resources

  1. Optimise talent management mechanism and rationalize business team
  2. Enhance industrial knowledge within the team and fostering team engagement in line with business planning and long-term strategy.
  3. Build and maintain a dynamic corporate culture, enhancing the sense of belonging and promoting harmonious development within the team.


  1. Approve investment management processes and launch of products, identifying different potential risks and to provide guidance to the employees.
  2. Keep up-to-date with latest regulatory and internal control requirements and improving relevant systems and processes.
  3. Track and supervise the implementation of internal and external regulatory policies of the Company; to track and supervise the irregularities and compliances in the department.
  4. Proactively identify issues that need to be referenced to the Enterprise or the Board and to provide solutions or remedies to overcome such issues.


You should possess at least a Bachelor's Degree in Finance, Economics, Management, etc, You should have in excess of 10 years work experience in Financial Services space of which at least 5 years were in fund management. Due to business needs, you should ideally be proficient in both English and Mandarin