Hanoi, Hanoi, Vietnam

Production Planning and Material Control Manager

 Job Description:

Job Purpose

In consideration of workshop capacity to keep close communication with the sales department and set up the company’s production capacity plan. Responsible for overall planning and implementation of annual and monthly production plan and coordinate with production departments to ensure the fluency of production plan.


Key Roles and Responsibilities (Key Accountabilities)

1.           According to the company's development strategy, set up the annual working plan and budget with reasonable allocation and arrangement for the relevant departments.

2.           Participate in establishing factory production capacity planning and budget per company’s annual sales plan.

3.           Work closely with the sales department for order status and sales forecast to see if the existing workers and machinery matched.

4.           Responsible to monitor the overall working of the leading department, organize departments to follow the company's management policy, allocate office staff and job distribution, estimate key performance indicators of the office staff.

5.           Dedicated to predict, establish and review the overall production plan through overall productivity assessment and statistical data analysis.

6.           Follow up on the production planning control and progress control of the factory. Coordinate the exception situations to make sure the smooth implementation of the production plan.

7.           Keep communication and coordination with relevant departments to promote mutual support of inter-departmental working and create a favorable external environment for the smooth implementation of department tasks.

8.           Do other jobs requested by superiors.

  Required Skills:

Indicators Key Performance Indicators Budget Production Planning Analysis Machinery Data Analysis Strategy Communication Planning Sales Management