Karli, MH, India

Technical Consultant (expat/anti-roll bar/steel tube/home-based job)

 Job Description:

1.       What will be their profile

  • Person with  minimum 25 years of  hands on operational / Quality / Process Engineering/Product Development experience with any reputed precision steel production facilities as listed in the previous email.
  • Must have experience with both ERW ( Tube mill ) , Furnace & Cold drawing equally.  Should have strong knowledge in handling different grades of steel  including but not limited to E355, 26MnB5,34MnB5,40MnB5, SAE4130 etc.,
  • Must have extensive experience in developing Stabilizer bar tubes for European Tier 1 System manufacturers like Sogefi, Mubea etc.,
  • Must have worked with such component manufacturers in the entire approval process of Tubes for Stab bar application including but not limited to the understanding of test setup, test parameters , factors influencing S-N curve etc.,
  • Knowledge of Steel Material of different grades / Factors influencing steel quality etc.,
  • Must be able to communicate fluently in English
  • Must have the ability to train/Educate team in developing safety critical parts especially stabilizer bar tubes.
  • Must have experience in working with Adverse Dia to wall thickness Tube mill ( D/T ratio approximately 5)
  • Ability to  examine / interpret metallurgical micro structures & plan process based on the inference
  • Preferably an Engineer  with Mechanical or Metallurgical background
  • Preferably with an ability to influence European System manufacturers based on past work relationship.

2.       From where they will operate

  • Initially the person need to be stationed in India to train the team.  Based on his profile / actual work experience we can be flexible.

3.       How they able to support us from remote location

  • This needs to be decided based on the profile & initial discussion

4.       Working conditions

  •  We prefer to engage him as a consultant  with linkage to actual performance with measurable deliverables.

  Required Skills:

Bar HIM Engineer Steel Drawing Structures Deliverables Email Engineering English