Job Openings Senior Game Developer

About the job Senior Game Developer

Job description:

Analyze and understand the game design documents in order to define the required functionalities and the game systems that must be developed in the engine;

Analyze existing functionalities in the engine and determine if they meet project requirements. If necessary, define how to adapt them in order to better meet game requirements;

Suggest improvements whenever necessary by designing and implementing new systems or modifying existing systems;

Collaborate with game designers/level designers/animators so as to discuss the constraints and establish the technical possibilities of the various gameplay functions;

Implement and optimize the controls and interaction systems so that gameplay is fluid without bugs and errors.

Validate and verify whether the newly developed systems fulfil the intentions of the project and are coherent with the existing code.

Ensure that the implementation of the controls and game systems provide the player with the experience that the design and/or creative director had envisioned.

Work iteratively and involve designers and other stakeholders when implementing new functions;

Work with people from other crafts in developing the tools required to efficiently make the necessary gameplay adjustments;

Support the functions and gameplay systems designed by production;

Seek out and correct the gameplay bugs identified by the production and quality control teams;

Document the work so as to transfer knowledge and enable users (programmers and people from other tasks) to understand how the new systems and gameplay functions work


Minimum of 3+ years of Unity Programming, ideally in the video game industry

Game industry experience must have shipped a minimum of 1 title.

Good to have proficiency in C/C++ language;

Unity 3D /Unreal Engine