Job Openings Experienced Level Designer

About the job Experienced Level Designer

  • Malta, fulltime
  • The Level Designer creates and implements game levels in line with the core mechanics, narrative, and game direction


  • Own & Improve player’s gameplay experience
  • Understands and implements gameplay elements to the level
  • Understand the narrative direction and designs the level accordingly.
  • Shares knowledge and best practices and participates in team feedback
  • Collaborates efficiently with other disciplines to create a cohesive game space
  • Takes part on the loop of playtest & iterations
  • Participate in design-specific topics with the rest of peers
  • Ensure a high-quality product, together with Quality Assurance


  • 3 or more years in the industry
  • At least 1 AA/AAA title released with a level design position
  • Familiar with Jira or similar task tracker software
  • Fluent with level design principles and terms
  • Ability to explain and showcase ideas and designs.
  • Understanding of tools, technologies, game development process
  • Advanced Knowledge on how to work with landmarks and player guidance through level design
  • Comfortable using Unreal Engine
  • Fluent in English
  • Ability to manage their own time and work within deadlines;
  • Good communication skills


  • Familiar with Confluence
  • Git or similar source control software
  • Familiar with Jira or similar task tracker software