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About the job Backend Developer

Our Mission

Helping restaurants make data informed decisions about their restaurants in food delivery

How cool do you think it is to create a new industry? At Pleez we are helping restaurants make data informed decisions about their restaurants in food delivery. Thats why we created the first powerBI for restaurants working in delivery, that fuels performance data (sales, orders, margin, etc) with market intelligence (competition, live promotions, market evolution ). The goal? Bring real time insights to help our customers adapt their menu and strategy on delivery.

On top of that, you will also be joining a team of talented people from different areas. From Business and Marketing to Product Development and Engineering at Pleez we have People who were top performers in the industry.

Our Values

We are not just a food tech startup!


In this fast-paced world we do believe that there are no problems, but challenges.

We dont ask if we do this, we ask how we are gonna achieve those goals!

When we cook, we always do it with excellency. Bon appetit!


There are no limits on excellent hosting! We don't have clients, we have guests.

We are fully focused on our guests' feedback, always, and we combine their needs with our technology and innovation without borders.


You must own your kitchen and be fully responsible for the decisions you make in it.

Decisions and KPIs? You eat them for breakfast!

Your Role

As a member of our software development team you will be responsible for developing the data pipelines, internal functionalities and 3rd party integrations.

You will:

  • Creating scalable event driven and API based data pipelines

  • Implement best practices in building a product at global scale

  • Developing our internal software for customer management; integrating our platform with Hubspot

  • Report directly to the Head of Engineering

The ideal candidate

  • 3 to 6 years of experience as a software developer

  • Experience building REST API based services

  • Experience using and building Docker images

  • Experience with NodeJS

  • Strong SQL knowledge

  • Acquainted with Git and development flows

  • Experience working in multidisciplinary teams

  • Team player, you cant build big things on your own

  • Be autonomous to deliver value to the team and our customers

What you'll get

  • A cool office in the centre of sunny Lisbon or Madrid

  • Health insurance

  • Company Laptop

  • Competitive salary

  • Unlimited holidays

  • Flexible working culture