Job Openings Application Security Administrator

About the job Application Security Administrator

Application Security Administrator is responsible for Security applications and security tools by installing, integrating, and deploying security products. Add to that Technical Implementation Specialists install, setup and troubleshoot security software and security products. Also responsible for Architect, implement, and support Proof of Concept.

Key responsibilities:

Responsible for Install, integrate, and deploy security Applications.

Implement and maintain Web Application Firewall (WAF), File Encryption, MDM and Certificate Authority (CA) and HSM solutions.

Managing security applications and tools.

Upgrade and patch the applications with the latest.

Responsible for vulnerability in the security applications.

Monitory and managing the security and audit logs.

Regularly perform security checks and troubleshooting.

Perform regular audits and provide reports.

Communicate with vendors directly during the implementation process, progress, completion patching, update, and upgrade for security applications.

Stay up to date with latest security technology and trends.

Suggest and implement solutions for Security improvement.

Resolve escalated Service Desk Application security issues to guarantee that business services are always reachable

Typical skills, and background:

Bachelors Degree of Communications / Computer Science or equivalent

2-7 years of experience as a Application Security Expert or similar role (Application Security, Network security, Endpoint Security,..) with experience in Web Application Firewall (WAF), File Encryption, MDM and Certificate Authority (CA) and HSM solutions.

Knowledge in building and maintaining security applications.

Outstanding knowledge of computer systems and network

Operational maintenance and management activities for security applications.

Significant experience of building and maintaining security applications.

Good familiarity of the latest security principles٫ techniques٫ and protocols

Experience with networking technologies and network security, security system, and network monitoring tools

Exceptional knowledge of security standards

Understanding of Networking principles