Job Openings Senior Data Analyst

About the job Senior Data Analyst

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Carefully collect the requirements from stakeholders (across teams).
  • Translate business requirements into technical ones.
  • Build the requirements into artistic-looking dashboards or other data outputs.
  • Document the work on schedule.
  • Basic ETL jobs (mostly flows in tableau prep).
  • Participate in data warehouse design.
  • Implement (if needed) and Extract data; from android app analytical tools (Intercom or Mixpanel).

Specifications and skills:

- 5+ Years of experience as a Data Analyst, Business intelligence Developer, or Data Visualization Specialist.

- Learn new topics and tools on the go (as the business grows) like Big Data handling.

- Communication skills and details oriented.

- Continuous learning and problem-solving.

- Writing clean, optimized tableau flows, queries, and codes.

- Tableau (online/server, prep, and desktop) creative-looking dashboards and flows with multiple data sources.

- SQL for data retrieval and views creation.

- Datawarehouse basic knowledge.

- ETL tools and processes basic knowledge.

- API hands-on experience to get requirements from android app and website analytical tools.

- Plus: Python Automation, data processing, and hands-on experience on Machine learning models.