Job Openings IT Operation HPS & Payment Platform Infrastructure Administrator (3)

About the job IT Operation HPS & Payment Platform Infrastructure Administrator (3)

Responsible for

-Run all HPS/Payments/Card Systems procedures 24/7 to assure all Payments had been settled on time.

-Administrate All Banquemisr Payments Platform infrastructure (VAP, MIP, EBC and HSM).

-Execute All related Payment Keys management and follow all IT Payment projects

Key responsibilities:

Executes Start of Day Operations (Incoming Procedures) and End of Day Operations (Outgoing Procedures) related to Credit Card Department Policy and Procedures as well Monthly Operations and Procedures and Yearly Enhancement Operations.

Run Daily/Monthly POS (Point Of Sale) ECommerce Merchants Functions and Batches.

Handle All Banquemisr Internal Card Center Departments by Provide them with all what they need, files and reports and support them with Payment System IT Activities.

Operate MasterCard Software Pre_edit, MFE MasterCard File Express. As well Visa Software Edit Package.

Transfer (send/receive) and Handle Daily files, reports between Banquemisr Credit Card System-HPS and Other Internal Systems (UBS, Oasis, Corona..) and External Partners and Networks (Visa, MasterCard, JCB , Diners Club , American Express , NI)

Run the Credit Cards Management System Daily and Monthly Batches.

Perform HSM (Host Secure Module) Operations (Reset, Mode Change: Offline-Online Auth.)

Executes the data flow on MasterCard MIP (member interface processing) and VISA VAP (Visa Access Point) EAS (Extended Access Server) server through downloading the incoming files including the settlements and the cards holders transactions, and uploading the outgoing files.

Perform daily SQL Queries which related to Card Management System and generate the required Reports.

escalate the reported issues which are related to Credit Cards to Senior Staff and provides managerial reports.

Participates in problem solving activities and follows up problems until solved, start points, policy lines and requirements identified by the organization.

Run Direct Debit Files for companies (Alico, Allianz, Vondafone, Mobinil..) to collect authorizations automatically for their customers payments.

Typical skills, and background:

Degree in computer engineering/Science, BIS, or related field.

0-2 years in Banking/payment/IT Core industry.

Fundamentals of DB, Network , Security and Unix.

Preferred had knowledge Project Management.

Experience in working with MS Tools.

Excellent problem-solving skills.

Analytical mindset.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Attention to detail, Hard worker.

Rotational 24/7 Shifts