Job Openings EndPoint Security Administrator

About the job EndPoint Security Administrator

EndPoint Security Administrator is responsible to deploy, operate and maintain the appropriate Endpoint and Mobile security solutions and tools and implement the necessary controls to protect the banks information systems against internal and external threats

Key responsibilities:

Proactively manage and maintain Endpoint Security Systems ( Anti-Malware platforms, EDR, Laptop Encryption, Application Control,)

Performs risk assessments, audits, and tests to ensure proper functioning of data processing activities and security measures.

Determine when to update security protection systems by monitoring current reports of events and incidents; facilitates or performs needed updates.

Responsible for Installing, integrating, and deploying End Point security solutions.

Upgrade, Update and patch the End Point security solutions with the latest.

Responsible for vulnerability in the End Point security solutions.

Monitory and managing the security and audit logs.

Regularly perform security checks and troubleshooting.

Perform regular audits and provide reports.

Communicate with vendors directly during the implementation process, progress, completion patching, update, and upgrade for End Point security solutions.

Stay up to date with latest End Point security solutions technology and trends.

Suggest and implement solutions for Security improvement.

Ensure proper functionality of managed endpoint and mobile solutions through the marinating effective coordination with support vendors for resolving issues impacting availability, in order to keep the solutions fully complied with the current environment architectural and incident response requirements.

Manage the reporting and tracking of issues related to endpoint and mobile security gaps, data leakage incidents, mobile devices security effectively and efficiently, in order to ensure solution proper implementation and operation according to organization objectives, solution best practice and compliance/regulation requirements.

Provide project management support by facilitating demonstrations of vendor partner products, reviewing and co-authoring statements of work, evaluation support for product demos, in order to be fully aligned with business strategic objectives.

Resolve escalated Service Desk Endpoint security issues to guarantee that business services are always reachable.

Typical skills, and background:

Bachelors Degree of Communications / Computer Science or equivalent

2 - 7 years of solid hands-on experience End Point Security field (Anti-Virus platforms, EDR, Encryption, Application Control,..)

Experience with enterprise security architecture and software like Anti-Virus, Vulnerability scanning tools, , Enterprise Mobility Management, web security and email security,. etc

Experience in configuring and implementing technical security solutions, End point platforms, mobility management solutions, etc

Experience in Install, integrate, and deploy End Point security solutions.

Knowledge on Upgrade, Update and patch the End Point security solutions with the latest.

Knowledge in building and maintaining End Point security solutions.

Outstanding knowledge of computer systems and networking.

Significant experience of building and maintaining End Point security solutions.

Good familiarity of the latest security principles٫ techniques٫ and protocols

Experience with networking technologies and network security, security system, and network monitoring tools

Exceptional knowledge of security standards

Understanding of Networking principles