Job Openings Developer and Support of Applications and Software Solutions

About the job Developer and Support of Applications and Software Solutions

Role Summary

Offer technical support relating to the maintenance of the applications and software

Offer human support relating to helping the end-user understand how to use the application or system and help in solving any encountered issues.

Ensure the operational processes in a business run smoothly and enables both internal and external stakeholders of applications to conduct their business

Develop new inhouse built applications

Develop all sorts of required reports and dashboards required by different stakeholders.

Key responsibilities

Act as a first level of support for business teams
Monitors the system, checks messages and improves
the current processes.
Submit ad hoc business needs through database
queries and/or reports.
Act as focal point for both vendor and business team to
obtain the maximum benefits, whether technically or
financially for the benefit of the bank
Troubleshoot and solve systems problems though
database queries and logs.
Responsible for providing workarounds to solve urgent
Address Customers Complaints and provide on-call
Identify and assess technological solutions
Work with cross-functional teams
Maintain records and writing reports
Document requirements of the concerned business
Test of new modifications in the test environment and
implement them on the living environment
Participate in finding radical solutions to recurring
Developing end of the day packages and procedures
and closing operations
Participate in setting personal objectives under the ICT
Sector Strategy

Typical skills, and background

From one up till 3 years of experience in the field of information technology
Obtaining an appropriate university degree preferably a Bachelor Computer Science or
Business Informatics
Full familiarity with Microsoft Office.
Good understanding of information technology and security
Knowledge of different types of databases e.g. MYSQL, SQL Server and Oracle
Knowledge of building, operating highly available and distributed systems of data
knowledge of extraction, ingestion, and processing of large data sets
Understanding of data mining, SQL, ETL and using databases in a business environment
with large-scale and complex datasets.
Professional language proficiency of programing languages like java, python, C sharp,
visual basic and others
Knowledge of Oracle OBIEE and BI Publisher
Strong documentation skills (verbal and written in Arabic and English)
Good knowledge of the systems, laws and regulations governing the work
Good Knowledge of the objectives and different aspects of the bank's activities
Strong interpersonal, communication skills
Creative thinking for providing innovative solutions.
Strategic thinking
Time management
Dealing with team spirit
Effective communication
Work in teams
Problem solving
Think and act systematically
Difficult decision-making skills