Job Openings Storage administrator

About the job Storage administrator

-The Infrastructure Storage Administrator is responsible for day to day administration and maintenance of enterprise level data and second tier data.

-ensure the proper Installation, upgrades, patches, hot fixes and releases.

This role will be responsible for developing and implementing key strategies and plans concerning Data management, taking into consideration all available technologies and business requirements. It will be responsible for the design, installation, monitoring and maintenance of storage systems. The role will be responsible for ensuring that the appropriate test regimes are planned and executed

Key responsibilities:

Storage Administrators designs, configures, develops, integrates, tests, implements, documents, and supports the storage infrastructure ecosystem. They work with different teams to explain requirements and suggest the appropriate storage systems and procedures.

Storage Administrators maintain the fiber channel switches and SAN arrangements by ensuring that software and firmware are in keeping with the latest needs of an organization. If there are any damaged parts, they replace them. They also work with vendors to fix issues that they cant themselves.

Storage Administrators research new technologies to find out if they suit their organizations existing infrastructure. If not, they will build appropriate infrastructure to fit them in.

Storage Administrators integrate storage metrics with new technologies to increase efficiency and are responsible for the daily administration of storage facilities. They usually report their progress to the storage supervisor in their organization. They take part in capacity planning and tweaking performance for storage environment.

Storage Administrators handle replication of DR data to make sure that data is recovered, in case of any glitches. Engineers configure and administer performance and massive storage arrays while deploying and configuring SANs. They upgrade, implement, monitor policies, and procedures to ensure steady storage provisioning, protection of data, and adherence to compliance.

Storage Administrators resolve storage issues using NFS, Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), and CIFS protocols.

Typical skills, and background:

Minimum Experience:

IT Bachelor Degree or equivalent.

Minimum 4 years of professional experience storage administration and Information technology experience.

Job specific Skills:

Proven and effective experience of the management of various storage technologies and data protection applications.

Understanding of IT industry working practices / methodologies ITIL Knowledge

Budget estimation and budget control of storage function

People management skills in order to mentor team

Project Management understanding - Ability to plan and control projects

Understanding of Unix/Linux/Windows principles

Understanding of Virtualization (PowerVM/VMware/Hyper-V/Containers) principles

Understanding of Networking principles

Understanding of SAN/NAS/DAS concepts

Understanding of Raid different levels

Self-confident, self-motivated and has the ability to lead and motivate teams.

Generic Skills:

Problem solving and analytical skills.

Ability to work to strict deadlines and achieve targets.

Ability to set and monitor performance metrics and SLAs.

Ability to negotiate.