Job Openings DC Network Security Administrator

About the job DC Network Security Administrator

Role purpose::

DC Network Security Administrator is responsible for designing, deploying, configure new rules, troubleshooting and daily operation and updates of various network security solution which related to DC firewall/s, DC NGFW, IDS/IPS and DDoS and also responsible for investigate network security events, vulnerabilities and incidents according to Banque Misrs (BM) standard operating procedures, information security standards, and compliance requirements.

Key responsibilities:

Primary responsibilities include, updating firewall rules/policies in order to ensure seamless business operations according to banks standard operating procedures, validating that user requests do not allow unauthorized network access, firewall log analysis, troubleshooting network security connectivity problem via use of packet captures using packet capture technologies.

Resolve network security incidents, and be on top of technical investigations, in order to ensure banks network, services and connected devices operational stability, and functionality in adherence with the approved security standards.

Responsible for implementing and deploying and testing for different FW/NGFW & IPS Types Cisco, FortiGATE, Juniper,PaloAlto. Etc.

Implement, Operate, and maintain BM end to end network security controls covering perimeter, DMZ, 3rd Party and Data Centre firewalls, in order to make sure that a unified and complaint policy applied across the organization.

Implement and Troubleshoot Remote Access Solution VPN Problems Site-To-Site.

Providing network Security documentation and update it as needed for internal and external networks connections.

Managing and tuning for IPS/NGFW polices and signatures.

Create Detailed Traffic Reports Including Event FW Logs Admin Auditing and IPS Attacks.

Remediating any vulnerabilities discovered related to FW and IPS.

Monitoring network security traffic Alert for suspicious behavior.

Monitoring and check networks security breaches, investing violations as occurs.

Investigate in incoming security events, perform in depth log analysis, and identifying & implementing recommended changes.

Investigate in vulnerability and incident.

Document network security breaches and assess the damage.

Perform FW & IPS releases by authorizing, validating (changes, upgrades, updates, patches and migrations) and implementing them.

Communicates with internal or external users to express steps taken to resolve troubles/security events and implement changes on managed network equipment.

Stay up-to-date on information technology trends and security standards

Resolve escalated Service Desk network security issues to guarantee that business services are always reachable.

Apply regular health-check on the security appliances in scope to optimize performance and proactively detect possible failures/problems.

Deploy network security baseline, audit and PCI related requirements on all network security components in scope.

Monitor performance of security applications in scope and ensure a healthy and risk-free secure network connectivity through the entire organization.

Typical skills, and background:

Bachelors Degree of Communications / Computer Science or equivalent

2 - 7 years of solid hands-on experience in different types of network security systems and with different types of FW & IPS.

Excellent hands-on experience and knowledge implementing, configuring, integrating, upgrading and supporting the network security with different types of FWs, IPS and VPNs.

Advanced understanding of networking (TCP/IP, routing protocols, switching)

Advanced understanding of application & network security concepts & technologies.

Advanced understanding of security standards and best practices.

Advanced risk assessment and management skills.

Advanced understanding of Cyber and IT security risks, threats, and prevention measures.

Advanced security system analysis skills.

Network troubleshooting experience and Network Protocol Analysers such as Tcpdump, Wireshark.

Experience in handling any security breaches on the network and associated systems.

Excellent knowledge about network and security issues, incidents, and vulnerabilities.

Up to date knowledge of the latest Cyber Security trends and hacker tactics.

Advanced Cyber and IT security knowledge.