Job Openings Merchant KYC Analyst, PH

About the job Merchant KYC Analyst, PH

Want to be part of the fastest-growing startup that is at the intersection of Retail, Fintech and Data?

Qashier is looking for an amazing Merchant KYC Analyst  to support our growth!

We are a dynamic and fast-growing team that is excited about commerce, retail and payments, and the opportunity to transform these industries with data and technology.

The Merchant KYC Analyst is responsible for verifying the identities and assessing the risk profiles of prospective and existing merchants using our payment facilitator. This role is critical for ensuring that the company only accepts legitimate businesses that comply with anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) regulations. The Merchant KYC Analyst helps to mitigate the risk of fraud, financial crime, and reputational damage for the company.


Know Your Customer (KYC) & Due Diligence (DD):

  • Verify merchant identification documents, business registration details, ownership information, and financial data.
  • Collaborate with the onboarding team to gather and review merchant applications and supporting documentation.
  • Assess merchant risk levels based on KYC findings by following standard procedures and policies, profile merchants to low, medium and high-risk, and escalate red flags to management.
  • Compliance & Fraud Prevention:
  • Identify and report suspicious activity related to potential fraud or money laundering. Implement actions based on findings.
  • Perform ongoing monitoring of merchant activities to identify changes in risk profiles.
  • Assist in the development and optimization of fraud detection systems and tools, suggesting improvements and enhancements as needed.
  • Process Improvement & Reporting:
  • Ensure data integrity and monitoring relating to KYC/DD activities, risk assessments for data
  • Contribute to the development and enhancement of KYC/DD processes and procedures.
  • Develop and optimize policies and procedures for fraud incident response, root cause analysis, funds recovery and communication protocols.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest fraud trends, techniques, and technologies to continuously enhance fraud detection and prevention methods.


Experience: 1+ years experience in KYC/AML compliance, fraud prevention, or risk management within the payments industry. Alternatively, in B2B onboarding and post-sales operations.

Knowledge: Strong understanding of KYC/AML regulations, card network rules, and relevant data protection laws.


  • Excellent attention to detail with strong research, analytical, observation and investigative skills.

  • Strong time management and task prioritization skills to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.

  • Proficiency in data manipulation and automation using Excel macros or Google Sheets App Script (preferred)

  • Strong communicator with a strong team spirit, not afraid to step out of your comfort zone