Job Openings Director of Operations

About the job Director of Operations

Our client is one of the most renowned upscale restaurant and bar lounge in Lagos, Nigeria. They are currently seeking to recruit an experienced Operations Director to join their team in Lagos. 

The Operations Director will be handling the operations and work flow of 4 similar Bar lounges under the same concept. He/she need to have solid experience in managing similar concepts especially in upscale bar lounges 

Operational Duties:

  • Interact and foster good and sustainable relations with all stakeholders;
  • Monitor daily end-of-day reports;
  • Submit regular reports to the owners;
  • Monitors and signs-off on key operations staff attendance;
  • Hire and dismiss key operations staff, in coordination with owners;
  • Final sign-off on all staff related documents (warnings, leaves, requests, travel arrangements, housing, incentives, deductions etc.);
  • Develop operational strategies to meet operational objectives set by himself/herself and the owners, for all operating business units;
  • Develop new menus and prices, in coordination with top management, finance, and marketing;
  • Develop plans to minimize the departments expenses, looking at each business unit individually and all of them collectively;
  • Ensure continued communication is established with all company departments, be it at corporate or operational levels;
  • Ensure communication is flowing seamlessly within the operations department;
  • Demonstrate continuous effort to improve the operations, streamline processes and progressively develop and implement standard operating procedures;
  • Coordinate regularly with the supporting functions such as HR, Marketing, or Cost Control to ensure business needs are properly met, on time and to budget;
  • Ensure operations staff appraisals are executed as per company policy;
  • Coordinate with top management on new openings (planning, budgeting, recruiting etc.);
  • Control and monitor the implementation and enforcement of standard procedures;
  • Lead, support and mentors key staff in improving and developing their business units, strategically and operationally;
  • Attend industry exhibitions and fairs, stay up-to-date with industry novelties.

Managerial Duties:

  • Develop and submit to owners the annual operating budget and strategy;
  • Assist top management in articulating the companys strategies;
  • Coordinate marketing and communication efforts with the related department;
  • Coordinate with finance to make sure all operating business units are compliant with the finance department procedures and requirements;
  • Coordinate closely with the cost control department to improve the cost-efficiency of the operations;
  • Review financial performance and regularly issues to top management analytical reports with call-to-action recommendations;
  • Issue regular operational performance reports to top management;
  • Promotes a culture that reflects the organizations values, encourages good performance, and rewards productivity;
  • Actively supports initiatives coming from top management;
  • Maintain confidentiality of information exposed to in the course of business.


  • Responsible for P&L performance down to gross operating profit (GOP) for the operations department as a whole, and each operating business unit individually;
  • Responsible to improve specific key performance metrics (sales, food and beverage cost, payroll and staff performance, guest satisfaction);
  • Responsible to meet specific objectives set by the owners;
  • Responsible for the development of operational plans and initiatives to meet specific objectives;
  • Responsible for quality performance objectives, measured internally and externally;
  • Responsible to maintain proper administrative records of all activities related to the department (HR, finance, marketing, procedures etc.);