Job Openings Kotlin Developer (Android and iOS )

About the job Kotlin Developer (Android and iOS )

Native application (NApp) for Android and iOS that would allow to run web pages imbedded.

All web pages must run in the same way and show same behavior as if they would run inside Chrome browser

Required features

1. Communicate with underlying OS from web page via  custom JavaScript library defined in NApp.

2. Launch JavaScript functions inside web pages from NApp

3. Receive notifications from server and show user prompts on locked screen based on notification structure: text, image, notification buttons, then depending on button pressed launch attached JS function or just a generic notifications.

4. Prompts on locked screen also must create vibration (if possible) and make one of 2 types of sounds: sound of device-related phone call or generic sound of a notification. Notifications may or may not make sounds depending on type of notification.

Those are permissions that we need in NApp:

1. Video, images, sounds

2. Locked screen and regular notifications

3. Device camera (video + sound)

Name and parameters of JS functions will be presented before development of NApp starts.