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Acerca del puesto Backend Engineer (Ruby / Node)


We believe that technology is revolutionizing travel for the better. Back in 2014 at MIT, we decided to start our Company journey by focusing on bus travel. Why bus? easy, the bus sector is the largest mode of transportation in the Americas. Passenger volume is estimated at over 10Bn passengers per year, 13x that of air sector volume. Yet only 10% of this is sold online today. We believe it is just a matter of time for online bookings to represent 50%+ of all ticket sales.

We are a full-stack company focused on creating the best online experience to book bus and flight tickets in Mexico and the US. Our allies include renowned brands such as Greyhound, Primera Plus, ETN, among others.

Our motto is simple "Be creative, take ownership and be a team player"

About this role:

If you are passionate about driving a fast-growing travel business and enjoy harnessing the power of technology to help companies meet their goals. Then Reservamos is looking for you!

As part of our development team, you will be working in:

  • Adapt the platform for new bus integrations.
  • Add multilanguage and multi currency to the platform.
  • Create loyalty programs.
  • Create coupon and discount admin.

The technologies you will be using are Ruby on Rails for back-end development.

About you:

  • You want to develop features that are used by thousands of people and not just build demos or MVPs.
  • You strive for code clarity and are not bothered by doing or receiving code reviews.
  • You want to learn about how to use data to improve an application.
  • You are not afraid to dive into a codebase and suggest changes.
  • You are interested in cloud architecture design.
  • You are interested in working with people as passionate as you in product development with multiple years of experience doing so.

Our working methodology:

  • You get involved in how features are going to get built and make sure that we cover all the details.
  • Work side by side with the front-end engineers to build outstanding products.
  • When making changes to the codebase, we don't leave you alone. We work with code reviews.

Minimun qualifications:

  • 2+ years of experience with dynamic languages (Python, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, etc.)
  • 2+ years of experience with MVC framework (Ruby on Rails, Django, Cake PHP, etc.)
  • Experience developing Web Services and REST API design.
  • Experience in PostgreSQL or some relational database and non-relational databases (MongoDB or similar).
  • Experience working with Git or similar VCS.
  • Spanish and english proficiency (spoken, written, and read)
  • Ability and willingness to learn and develop new skills together with the rest of the team.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Deep understanding about how Ruby works. You know how to manipulate arrays without the use of a framework like Ruby on Rails.
  • Experience delivering and managing code in Heroku. You know the difference between a web worker and a background worker.
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript frameworks like React.
  • Knowledge on automated testing, you have an opinion about what to test and what not to do.
  • Experience configuring and working with Docker.
  • Knowledge about Logentries, Sentry, Mixpanel, Segment IO.
  • Knowledge on code bundling and delivery on AWS, Heroku, etc.

Additional information:

  • Location: remote
  • Permanent training with access to books, learning platforms, etc.
  • Working alongside other passionate teammates
  • Major medical expenses insurance
  • 20 days off.
  • VivaPass (unlimited flights)