Ofertas de empleo SR Machine Learning Engineer

Acerca del puesto SR Machine Learning Engineer

We believe that technology is revolutionizing travel for the better. Back in 2014 at MIT, we decided to start our Company journey by focusing on bus travel.

Why bus? easy, the bus sector is the largest mode of transportation in the Americas. Passenger volume is estimated at over 10Bn passengers per year, 13x that of air sector volume. Yet only 10% of this is sold online today. We believe it is just a matter of time for online bookings to represent 50%+ of all ticket sales.

We are a full-stack company focused on creating the best online experience to book bus and flight tickets in Mexico and the US. Our allies include renowned brands such as Primera Plus, ETN, among others.

Our motto is simple "Be creative, take ownership and be a team player"

What youll do

Establish the foundations of our Data Lake, providing intelligence for our customers based on user behavior.

  1. Select and evaluate tools and technologies for the development and deployment of machine learning models.
  2. Lead the data team, collaborating with other teams to understand the data they generate and use it to improve our models.
  3. Train and mentor team members in machine learning techniques and best practices.
  4. Develop, train, and document new models that will drive our personalization and discounts engine.
  5. Oversee and maintain the infrastructure required to run our models and databases.
  6. Analyze our users journey to identify and collect new data to enhance the accuracy of our models.
  7. Work closely with product and development teams to integrate predictive models and recommendations into our applications.

Were looking for someone with strong engineering skills and experience leading small teams who shares our core values:

  • You hold people to a high standard, and inspire them to do their best work. Youre candid and direct with feedback, and motivate your teammates to raise their own bar.
  • Youre fanatical about polish almost to a fault. Its important to you that every variable name is just right, code comments are free of grammatical errors, and tests are named consistently.
  • Youre energized by unfamiliar territory. You enjoy the challenge of digging in to a codebase youve never seen before to try and troubleshoot a complex problem.
  • Youre good at breaking down projects. Youve got good instincts for what to work on first, whats safe to save for later, and how to get to a working demo as fast as possible.
  • Youre a great writer. Whether its a project status update, documentation, a pull request description, or a response to a GitHub issue, you think about the reader and care about communicating clearly.
  • You like to pair on problems. You get energy from working directly with other people in code.
  • You like software to be fast, and you love writing code that shows what these crazy machines we use today are actually capable of.

Some of our projects

At Reservamos, we use Mixpanel to store and track user activity across our various sites, resulting in a vast amount of event data over time. We've leveraged this data to develop a personalization engine that helps us make recommendations to our users, including:

  • Trip Recommendations
  • Seat Recommendations
  • Search Autocomplete Based on User History
We aim to enhance our personalization engine's precision and intelligence through machine learning.

Data Lake

One of the most valuable assets for our partners is information. We are currently collecting and consolidating data generated by their sites to create an accessible database for our partners. This ongoing project aims to gather as much information as possible to serve our partners in a user-friendly manner. Some applications include:

  • Personalized Discount Strategies
  • Route Performance Analysis

Why work with us

  • Were fully remote work from wherever you want. We collaborate in real-time every day, but we all work from the comfort of our own homes.
  • We care about doing great work work side by side with other engineers and designers to build outstanding products and get involved in how features are going to get built and make sure that we cover all the details.
  • We are team players When making changes to the codebase, we work with code reviews and don't leave you alone.
  • Our work has impact we develop features that are used by thousands of people and not just build demos or MVPs.

Pay and benefits

  • Work remotely work from wherever youre most productive, no commuting to an office.
  • 20 days paid time off four weeks of total time off for you to use throughout the year.
  • Day off on your birthday enjoy your birthday with friends and family!
  • Permanent training access to books, learning platforms, etc.

If you apply from México

  • 100% payroll (IMSS + Infonavit)
  • 2 weeks aguinaldo
  • Unlimited flight discounts with Viva Aerobus (only pay TUA)

How to apply

To apply, write something specifically for this position that tells us why youre a great fit for the role and what you can bring to Reservamos.

Examples of things were interested in learning about you include:

  • What youre excited about, and the work youd be most looking forward to in this role.
  • Interesting projects youve worked on, especially things that are relevant to the work we do here.
  • Open-source contributions, whether its your own project, a pull request youre proud of, or a well-written bug report you filed.
  • Previous experience, especially any leadership responsibilities youve held in other roles.
  • Technical writing, like blog posts youve published or documentation youve worked on.

Well spend a couple of days reviewing applications, and well let you know whether wed like to invite you to the interview process.

Heres what the process looks like:

  • Take-home project we invite you to complete a small technical project. Expect to spend about half a day on this.

  • In-depth interview after the take-home project, we do a longer interview where well ask you questions about the project and your experience in previous roles.
  • Technical interview during this one hour interview, well review your challenge
  • HR call the final step is a short call where well ask you some questions to get to know you better, and answer any questions you have about the role.