Job Openings Data Analyst with Life Science Experience

About the job Data Analyst with Life Science Experience

Data Analyst Job Description

The Data Analyst will serve as a data developer resource and should have knowledge of data analysis tools, data profiling techniques, and computer systems technology. The ideal candidate will have experience collecting user requirements, data analysis, documenting technical specifications, understanding core data characteristics, The ability to understand complex problems, logical problem-solving skills, and strong written and verbal communication skills are required. A strong understanding of database methodology, data analysis, and reporting technologies are required.

Data Analyst Duties & Responsibilities

  • Data Analysts have at least 6+ years of experience in Pharma Commercial Data, Sales, and Claims data knowledge
  • Effective communication & Stakeholder management
  • Excel & basic SQL knowledge
  • Must have experience in data visualization
  • Must have experience in data IQ.
  • Have good knowledge of Data Analysing Tools- Tableau, Power BI

· Map data source attributes to target system attributes

  • Research data requests to determine availability, sourcing, and fulfilment options
  • Perform root cause analysis on data quality issues
  • Monitor the state of data quality within their scope of responsibility

· Maintain data to meet company standards

  • Data includes images, technical specifications, and other data elements
  • Communicate with providers and manufacturers to ensure complete product data is supplied
  • Provide customer service support for both external and internal customers

Data Analyst Requirements & Skills

  • Bachelors degree or equivalent certifications/experience required
  • Advanced knowledge of structured data, such as entities, classes, hierarchies, relationships, and metadata
  • Knowledge of database management system (DBMS) including tables, joins, and SQL querying
  • Ability to combine data from multiple sources when needed for analysis
  • Familiarity with and ability to document the use cases, business purposes, and quality of the data
  • Familiar with reporting technology and method of reporting different type of data

Location- South San Francisco, (CA) Hybrid