Job Openings Operation Associate

About the job Operation Associate

Job Purpose

  • Implement all Best Practices relating to customer service for implementing customer requests of trucks in coordination with Fleet companies and drivers through all the various technical and or regular communication systems to reach the best customer service

Key Accountabilities


  • Enter the order from customers as per their requirement, needs and manage this request until it is implemented in the best way that satisfies the customer, solve all their problems related to the goods transfer request.

  • Follow up with the customer and communicate with him until he is informed of the implementation of the request.

  • Approve bookings for truck and freight pick up and ensure coordination for shipments.

  • Take responsibility for the shipment from its pick up until the shipment is delivered to the Warehouse. resolve disputes (truck tariffs/ delays fees/ etc.)

  • Effective networking should include maintaining relations with personnel inside the clients site.

Fleet Companies & Drivers

  • Communicate with Fleet companies & Drivers regarding customer requests to obtain from them the best price offers for trucks, ensuring the selection of the best offers.

  • Following up the implementation of the request for the transfer of goods by all technical and regular means of communication, ensuring the implementation and receipt of all required documents.

  • Requests to obtain the best price offers for trucks, ensuring the selection of the best offers.

  • Ensure the implementation and receipt of all required documents.

  • Support the supply chain process through planning, online allocation, pick release to ensure customers requirements are met.

  • Select with Forwarder to the lowest best price with comprehensive payment terms.

  • Review assigned drivers' documents and make sure they are valid and in abidance with the laws and regulations.

  • Make certain bills of lading for running job orders are properly filled and signed by the drivers.

  • Upload relevant documents to the dashboard at the various stages of the execution of the running operations.

  • Coordinate with the team members (fleet/ops) to update them with any status changes.


  • Follow up system updates, good training on it, and practical application of the technical and regular system


  • To prepare and circulate daily sales reports to all concerned.

  • Manage archiving of completed shipment files and maintain record keeping.


  • Follow up with sales on pending sales orders and deliveries in the system to ensure that they are promptly processed.

Invoices & Documents

  • Follow up the invoices and documents necessary for them with the customer, transport companies and drivers to ensure that they are received and paid in a timely manner and send alerts related to them to all concerned parties.

  • Review and approve and follow up the documents, processes and controls of freight payment and audit system and ensure all documents, processes and controls are updated.

  • Ensure on-time collection of orders relevant documents and submit it to the concerned Business Unit immediately upon the completion of the demand for further forwarding to the Account Department for invoicing purposes


  • Carries out any other tasks related to the field of his work.

  • Capability Profile
    (What capabilities will be required to perform the job?)
  • Qualifications
  • Graduate caliber
  • Professional qualification ( Bachelor in related field or high school)

  • Skills & Knowledge
  • Arabic and English speaking and writing,
  • Urdu language knowledge
  • Good computer skills
  • Good communication & Negotiation skills
  • Good presentation skills
  • Team Work-Make things happen
  • Leadership

  • Experience (indicate depth & breadth)
  • Approx. 2 years experience at related field (Logistics, Supply chain & Trucking )
  • Middle East experience
  • Multi Cultural Experience