Job Openings Senior Backend Engineer

About the job Senior Backend Engineer

Senior Software Engineer - Backend Architecture


We are building an Uber for Trucks marketplace platform. We promise our vetted drivers and ensure they find trips on their empty miles while digitizing the entire trucking network for customers, making their shipments easier to haul and providing transparency into availability and price. We are establishing a team of talented, thoughtful engineers to automate the logistics industry. Now we need a literate software engineering team to help us build the first MVP for our marketplace platform.


Must have:

  • nodejs/npm/javascript (or typescript)

  • git/CI/CD and project tracking tools

  • no-SQL database experience, such as Mongo/Firebase

  • authentication mechanisms

  • network security (CORS, SSL/TLS, etc.)

  • strong on algorithms & data structures

  • concurrent & asynchronous patterns

  • architectural & software design patterns

  • experience building APIs (HTTP/ws)

Will be a bonus:

  • GPS/GSM API (Google/Open Maps)

  • GraphQL

  • mastering TDD / unit testing

  • docker/docker-compose

  • modern network protocols

  • prior experience in distributed/system design

  • prior experience in protocols design

  • real time metrics (prometheus/sentry/grafana)

  • basic knowledge of react js stack

  • writing & maintaining technical documentation

Preferred qualifications

  • At least Four years of software engineering experience
  • Experience as a developer, writing code for highly scalable software systems
  • Proven experience designing and deploying high performance, highly scalable production services with extensive monitoring and logging practices
  • Ability to debug and troubleshoot production issues
  • Experience with http/ws API development & building microservices
  • Industry experience working on distributed systems: developing reliable, high performance, highly scalable and low latency software (primarily in JavaScript)
  • Capacity to understand and evaluate tradeoffs between correctness, robustness, performance, space, and time.
  • Experience building geospatial services and datasets, such as maps data, traffic patterns, etc.
  • Strong verbal and written communication and organization skills.
  • Strong problem-solving skills, analytical capabilities, data analysis, and attention to detail.
  • Ability to collaborate across multiple levels of an organization

Required Minimum Educational Qualifications:

  • 4+ BSc degree in Computer Science, Engineering or relevant field
  • Masters Degree in Software Engineering
  • Preferred specialization architecture