Job Openings Onboarding Specialist/Office Manager (part-time)

About the job Onboarding Specialist/Office Manager (part-time)


When B2B tech organizations struggle to accelerate and scale their sales, we come into play. We take over their sales departments and accelerate the growth and expansion.

SALESDOCk increases revenue and makes owners, sales leaders, and their teams happy - finally, they get a proper work structure and reach their quota.

We’ve consulted and helped 150+ B2B SaaS businesses: among them Tableau, Alteryx, Uber Eats, Microsoft, Kentico, Palo Alto, Forcepoint, and many others.

NOW we are in an exciting time when we are increasing our internal Operations team, hence we are searching for our colleague to join us part-time, as an Onboarding Specialist/Office Manager role.

What would be your daily tasks, as an Onboarding Specialist/Office Manager? In this role, you will:

  • Take care of People:
    • Pre-boarding / Onboarding / Offboarding

    • Helping with tracking work hours

    • Project Holiday - tracking our team’s vacation

    • Keeping up the Team Members List up-to-date (using ClickUp as a main tool) (contact info, contracts renewal etc)

    • Education Budget - keeping eye on the fact that people do educate themselves

    • Helping with ICO - supporting new external collaborators opening their freelancing entity, setting up the invoicing system etc

    • Tech Stack - distribution and collection of hardware

    • Translations (between Czech and English and reverse)

  • Plan Events:
    • Pubs, Parties, Teambuilding, Birthdays, Anniversaries - individual and company, Xmas gifts for the team, Internal workshop organization

    • Company Monthly meetings and ad hoc off-site events

  • Help taking care of Clients:
    • Company Xmas Gifts and other similar activities

  • Be responsible for the Office Management:
    • Shopping (office supplies, kitchenette supplies)

    • Cleanup of the working space

    • Securing juices and supplements stocks for our team

    • Expenses List - being a second hand for our Finance - to track who buys what and making sure all invoices are sent to her

Who are we looking for? We will be welcoming a new colleague who is:

  • English and Czech speaking: fluent level

  • Communicative, structured and impeccable organized

  • Proactive and efficient

  • Pleasant and has strong personality, as you would be be the heart of the company

  • Ability to commit to at least 10-20 hours of work per week

The rest we can teach you!

What is in this for you?

  • Small, but complex company/group of companies, with a “family” feeling and environment

  • 5000 CZK for your education budget

  • Juices/supplements/team buildings

  • DPP collaboration or freelancing possible

  • Between 10-20 hours or work / week, possibly being able to work more if both the capacity and need are there

  • Around 15-20% of the time, possibility of working in home office model

  • 6 days in a year spent together on team buildings. Hopefully, you enjoy outdoor sports, the last two were skiing & rafting in the Alps - regular team-building events and a true team feeling

  • A small, yet passionate and fun team led by 2 co-founders. You'll be working at the heart of the company with a close-knit team and benefit from a close company culture

Do we match your game? Come join us!


SALESDOCk has overcome its initial “punk” years. We’ve been high - celebrating the biggest deal won, and we’ve been low - like losing a third of the team.

Though the memories might make it feel like yesterday, SALESDOCk is a different story now. We’re stabilized, with established processes, and growing.


Micromanagement drains us, so you won’t see us sneaking behind your back - instead, we’ll care about the results.

We give our employees trust, support, know-how, and everything else they need to work, and in return, we rely on their responsibility when they do their job.


The founders, Michal and Jakub built the company culture on friendship, trust, and honesty, and we’re all very protective of it. We focus on each candidate’s skills but also personality to make sure they’ll thrive professionally and personally with us.

Our team meets outside of work for fun activities or to support personal endeavors, like sports events and races. We want to keep things this way.