Job Openings Sales Manager/Director

About the job Sales Manager/Director

Our client, Imper, is looking for reinforcement of their sales team, hence we are searching for the Manager/Director of Imper's Sales Function.

Location: Prague | Seniority level: Senior | Allocation: Full-time

About Imper:

The business works very well for us, we have a great sales team, we are fast-growing (currently the 21st fastest growing tech company in CEE according to Deloitte), profitable. We have a very fast sales process and immediate delivery.

Currently it is the time for us to be looking for an energetic leader who will help our business efforts and capitalize on previous experience in B2B business. 

He/she will take responsibility for meeting the business goals and help us maintain the significant growth we have enjoyed in recent years .

We offer a job that you will enjoy, above-standard financial proposal, the opportunity to participate directly in the success of the company and, last but not least, self-realization without corporate games.

We are a technology company, profitable and growing!

Half of the team takes care of the product development part and the other half tends to its sales, marketing and client satisfaction.

We are creating web applications:

  • Leady - generates new clients for companies,
  • Merk - the largest database of Czech companies and
  • Monitora - a tool for monitoring and analysis of media.

We supply these applications to companies in both the Czech Republic and abroad, for a monthly fee. It works quite quickly, we currently have over 10,000 users and most of the banks or operators like HP, Canon, IKEA, Avast, Total, AVG, CzechInvest, Tatra, TPCA, Ogilvy and other over 2000 companies build their business, marketing or PR on our data.

Main tasks for the Sales Manager role:

  • Responsibility for leading the sales team
  • Scaling our business activities to new markets
  • Participation in company management and process creation
  • Active participation in the sales process and the company's sales team

Who are we looking for?

  • We expect an energetic leader who has successful experience in leading a larger sales team (15+ team members)
  • Common sense and empathy are important
  • An advantage is represented by the analytical thinking capabilities and experience with team management outside the Czech Republic.
  • Experience in business management
  • Drive and proactive attitude
  • Very good communication, organizational and presentation skills in Czech and English
  • Ability to create a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Why should you join us?

  • Development: What you can't do, we'll teach you. You don't have to worry about that. We will be happy to help.
  • Environment: Feel like home, in a smaller team (about 40 people, 1-2 dogs).
  • Freedom: You will have a free hand at work.
  • Project: Interesting and rewarding work.
  • Overlap: Our data helps to make the environment more transparent, to uncover corruption and clientelism. Also, we are proud to support several non-profits.
  • Freedom: Arrivals, departures, home office, sick days, leave - if everything works, we don't deal with it much.
  • Friends: You will be working in a nice group of people.
  • Money: Above-standard reward. We know that there are only a few people like you and we can appreciate it.
  • Culture: Admission to conferences, workshops, concerts, exhibitions for you and your friends or family.
  • Others: Super coffee, foosball, PC / Mac, free refreshments at our bar, offices in Smíchov, near the metro and other small pleasures.