Job Openings Sales Manager (Czech or German)

About the job Sales Manager (Czech or German)

Who are we looking for to join our client's team (INVENTI)?

One big must is a previous demonstrative IT Sales experience at least 3 years.

You have to love technology and believe in the added values it has to our clients. Don't just sell products, sell the future which is more effective and useful, faster, and digital!

English and German on professional working proficiency is, in that case, a big plus, as we have international clients and co-workers. Alternatively, native Czech and fluent English will work too.

We need a salesperson whose style is not a one-time sale, but a permanent and long-term relationship building. Who we are, determines the style we behave in the market - our customers are partners and colleagues to us.

We are looking for a person who is absolutely autonomous and independent, but also very aware of the needs and benefits of the team. INVENTI is a team company and we will happily help you with everything.

Basically, you don't miss the ability to make decisions and move things forward.

What can you expect?

All-in business work. You will be responsible for bringing new customers, dealing with existing ones, and managing key accounts (operate at a high level). You will experience work at the European level - from major manufacturers, retailers, to major and mid-size IT (any knowledge of specific industry a plus).

The entire INVENTI will be at hand for you, starting from the Delivery Managers to Heads of technological teams. We are all interested in working on wonderful projects with the best customers. INVENTI is a team, so we expect you to work with people across the company from Delivery, HR to Finance. Speaking of the team, the sales team includes 6 members (ladies and gentlemen) and you can count on all of them.

We want to see you in the field, INVENTI does not do business from the table, so we will provide you all the facilities you need so you can be remote and on the road.

Your role will touch these main areas:

    #key account activities

    • relationship building and development with an emphasis on sustainability

    • intensive cooperation with Delivery managers and Heads of technological teams

    • understanding of our clients business

    • thinking out of the box

    • proactively helping our customers with their needs (to grow, to digitalize,...)

    • invoicing, contract management, CRM (the administrative activities are supported by a sales assistant)

    • reporting the pipeline and making sure that forecast is updated on regular basis

        #hunting activities

    • lead management

    • knowledge of the tool: understanding how to gain new customers

    • converting leads to -> opportunities -> to projects

    What do we offer?

    Inventors - an environment where everyone is happy to help, listen, and support - we are truly open and value quality work instead of offset hours

    Trust and flexibility - if you prefer to work from home or a café, we totally support it, you manage your own time and we believe you do it responsibly and effectively

    Education - we have a varied selection of hard-skills and soft-skills training and language courses of various levels of difficulty

    Our events - in addition to technical meetups, we like to play sports - we play floorball, go to the mountains, summer camp, or organize ping-pong tournaments

    Dog-friendly office - we also understand the love for our four-legged friends

    This is INVENTI

    We are INVENTI, a tech and consulting software company. We create solutions for large and middle-market companies but also start-ups.

    You can find us in Prague and Pilsen. Have you heard about our projects? For example, Vlakem na výlet for ČD or international e-commerce platform for french concern of automobiles.

    It's about the people

    The INVENTI brand is not characterized by the logo or offices, but how people are satisfied and treated at INVENTI. We want them to have a good time because once the Inventors work well, they are the best business card we could possibly wish for.

    At INVENTI we are all equal. We are on a first-name basis. We all have equal conditions for personal development. It is up to you how you want to realize yourself. We are all Inventors, we talk and we meet (and yes! we like it a lot). Each of us is unique and INVENT has room to be ourselves. Since the founding of INVENTI, we have been building an open corporate culture, which reflects the daily feedback of the clients. We care about people being an active part of the company and co-creating it. Everyone's opinion counts and we will be happy to go anywhere to get it. For example, to a pub or breakfast.