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About the job Talent Acquisition Specialist

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Building Sales Departments!

SALESDOCk is building a center of excellence focused on recruitment of Sales profiles, from Business Development Representatives/Sales Development Representatives, Account Executives, Account Managers, up to Sales Managers, Business Directors, Heads of Sales and Vice Presidents of Sales.

Having a diverse pallet of clients, from booming start-ups up to well established big corporations, we are present in different countries all over Europe.

Now it is time to increase our Talent Acquisition team, hence we are searching for our colleague to join us on the Talent Acquisition Specialist role.

Who are we searching for?

We are open to any level of seniority and experience with the recruitment cycle. We provide complex training on the recruitment side, so your background it is not so important. The key is what drives you in your job!

We are open to:

  • Previous experience with sourcing or interviewing candidates

  • Previous sales or customer support experience is welcomed

  • Proactive/doer personality

  • Taking joy in interacting with people

  • Extravert

  • Self starter, individual contributor but also able to function well in the team.

  • Creative and thinking outside the box

  • Not being put down by failures, but open to receive support, learn, get up on your feet and try again and again, until you are successful

  • English: fluent level

Day-to-day work:

  • Focus on sourcing and interviewing for our clients, based on their requirements

  • Understanding the specifics of the roles/companies

  • Establishing relations based on trust with the assigned clients

  • Keeping candidates interested in the roles and acting as a liaison between the candidates presented and the clients.

  • Supporting the business development part, winning new clients (no lead generation is required, as we have a full team supporting with this): entering as a subject matter expert in the calls with the clients, identifying the needs and presenting our recruitment process. This will happen once you are ready or if this is a part you would like to develop/touch.

What can we offer?

  • Training and mentoring in Talent Acquisition and Sales

  • Interesting clients, from fast growing start-ups, up to big, well-established corporations.

  • A small, yet passionate and fun team led by 2 co-founders. You'll be working at the heart of the company with a close-knit team and benefit from a close company culture

  • A NO micromanagement environment

  • Collaboration contract

  • Holiday days, sick days

  • Flexible working hours and a combination of home office with work from the office

  • The financial part is formed of fix base and bonus per each placement

  • Regular team building events and a true team feeling