Job Description:


  • Be responsible for establishing the written policies and procedures regarding the AML/CFT, customer acceptance policies, the measures to control money laundering risk including guideline on the customer due diligence in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering Act and the regular reviewing.
  • Provide advice to all relevant departments/ divisions to perform their duties as AML Officers in accordance with the AML/CFT regulations e.g. account opening, PEP status, and irregularity transactions including reporting the transactions as prescribed in regulations.
  • Be responsible to conduct ongoing training courses including maintain the e-learning training presentation to be update to promote the awareness of the AML/CFT laws and regulations requirements of the bank and training on how to conduct the customer due diligence in accordance with the bank’s guideline and policy.
  • Setting up written guidelines for the AML program that are based on Bank's actual method of doing business that is easily understood and is based on company's vulnerabilities to money laundering and terrorist financing. Identify high-risk operations (products, services, customers, and geographic locations); provide for periodic updates to the institution’s risk profile; and provide for an AML compliance program tailored to manage risks.
  • Conduct self-assessment and work with different departments to follow up closure of gaps identified. Communicate key development and changes to the AML-FCC team. Ensure all management personnel and staffs are fully knowledgeable of the risks involved and about their responsibilities with regards to AML-CFT.
  • Meet all regulatory requirements and recommendations for anti-money laundering compliance. Co-operate with any lawful requests for information made by government agencies during their investigations. Provide for periodic review as well as timely updates to implement changes in regulations.
  • Lead teams to monitor, investigate and advice concerned parties by establishing clear accountabilities, roles and responsibilities to manage money laundering risk; establish a risk based approach to Customer Due Diligence (CDD) at onboarding and ongoing monitoring of customer activities; establish internal procedures to ensure that suspicious activity is reported in accordance with requirements prescribed by local laws and regulations; establish a robust training program on the requirements of the policy and guideline; retain appropriate records of CDD, transactions, suspicious activity and AML training.


  • Bachelor Degree / Master Degree in Law or related fields
  • Minimum 5 years experience in Compliance Regulatory Affairs, AML/CFT
  • Good command of verbal and written communication skills in Thai and English
  • Computer literacy in MS Office; Excel, Power Point, Word
  • Willing to learn, CAN DO attitude and Good in interpersonal and analytical skills.

Department :