Job Openings Amazon Sales Manager

About the job Amazon Sales Manager

Our client, eBrands, is in search of a seasoned Amazon Sales Manager to form part of our dynamic team and optimize a growing portfolio of our Amazon brands. As a key figure in one of our brand management teams, you'll be instrumental in scaling our brands on Amazon, encompassing a broad range of tasks from strategic listing management to advanced PPC strategies, inventory forecasting to groundbreaking marketing initiatives. Your expertise in scaling private label brands on Amazon will be paramount, and your familiarity with other platforms (e.g., Walmart, eBay) and marketing avenues outside Amazon would be a definite plus.

Joining our dynamic start-up means being part of a multifaceted, vibrant team, where you will independently strategize and implement decisions, collaborate with your team & your manager as well as leadership figures, and engage with specialists to drive our brand growth. With our portfolio of brands growing at an unprecedented pace, your ability to help with steering these brands towards greater heights will be instrumental to our business's onward growth!

Core Responsibilities:

- Strategic Sales Growth: Elevate the sales and profitability of our brands on Amazon through sophisticated traffic and conversion strategies, market expansion, and orchestrating new product launches.

- Traffic Growth: Collaboratively pinpoint opportunities for advanced Amazon PPC campaigns (alongside our growth marketers), ensuring growth and efficient cost structures. Also strategize the influx of external traffic, drawing from avenues like social media and other PPC endeavors.

- Analytical Oversight: Harness a plethora of data from Amazon and auxiliary systems for actionable insights, measuring the implications of strategies deployed.

- Conversion Excellence: Take charge of listing optimization (e.g., titles, bullet points, imagery, attributes). Keep a vigilant eye on ASIN performance metrics, rankings, customer reviews, and ratings.

- New Product Development: Recognize and act upon emerging product opportunities, steering the ideation to launch phase seamlessly on Amazon.

Work Flexibility:

- This is a fully remote position. We are flexible with where you want to work, as long as you can work +/- 2 hours Eastern European Time.

Required Qualifications:

- Bachelors degree in Business/Management or an equivalent level of work experience

- A minimum of 4+ years of Amazon-centric experience.

- Demonstrated success in scaling Amazon brands in dynamic environments.

- Acute business acumen paired with adept problem-solving capabilities.

- Proficiency in data analysis, interpretation, and data-driven decision-making.

- Great at multitasking and prioritizing an array of simultaneous responsibilities.

- An unwavering commitment to detail and a proactive approach to accomplishing objectives in a team environment.

How do we do things?
In eBrands, we embrace being a company with a high ambition to do things bigger, better, and faster, while balancing it with being highly focused on what matters. We think like pirates we are brave, break out of traditional conventions and think creatively of solutions, while knowing we can rely on the team around us. If we need to make mistakes, we rather make them fast and learn. We all drive to make the company a success.
And we want to have fun while doing it!