Job Openings Labor Hygienist

About the job Labor Hygienist


Company: International Mining Company

Area: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Job Purpose:

- Ensure compliance with occupational laws and regulations, prioritize employee safety, and foster

a fair and inclusive workplace.

- Develop, review, and enforce OHS rules, policies, and procedures in alignment with site,

company, and government regulations and laws.

- Conduct constant inspections to ensure compliance with hygiene and safety regulations and

governmental legislation, also monitoring their implementation to guarantee the safety and

occupational hygiene of all employees.

- The role is site-based with a 14/14 roster.

Key Responsibilities:

- Develop and uphold OHS policies and procedures by relevant regulations.

- Monitor and enforce safety rules, hygiene standards, and government regulations.

- Conduct workplace inspections, assess ergonomic factors, and manage physical hazards.

- Develop and implement training programs to ensure compliance with labor hygiene regulations.

- Investigate and address hazardous situations promptly.

- Improve and integrate OHS policies into daily operations.

- Stay informed about labor laws and standards.

- Collaborate with health officers to maintain safe working conditions.

- Research and prepare reports on working conditions.

- Lead and support team members for high performance and teamwork.


- Bachelors degree in labor hygienist or a related field.

- 2-3 years of labor hygienist work experience.

- Certification in Occupational Health and Safety is a plus.

- Proficiency in using measurement tools and software.

- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.


- Ability to handle multiple projects and priorities.

- Strong organizational skills and confidentiality.

- Fluent in written and oral English will be an advantage.

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