Job Openings Accounting Staff**

About the job Accounting Staff**

Job Descriptions:

1. Managing all journals in ERP

2. Prepare monthly financial statements and supporting reports on time

3. Reconcile monthly bank accounts with bank statements

4. Prepare yearly financial statements

5. Prepare reports for auditor - yearly

6. Communicate with the auditor during the examination until the finalization audit report

7. Prepare reports for yearly Income tax return

8. Prepare Reports requested by Leaders

Job Requirements:

1. Strong demonstrable Christian faith

2. A Biblical Christian understanding of education

3. Fluency in spoken and written English

4. Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills

5. A proven commitment to the Mission, Vision, and values of SPH

6. Strong administrative skills

7. Result-oriented & able to work on tight deadlines

8. Enthusiasm & ability to work in teams