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Sekolah Pelita Harapan is a group of five International Christian schools located in the heart of Indonesia - the city of Jakarta. From a visionary beginning in 1993, Sekolah Pelita Harapan schools continue to develop as Indonesia's leading Christian schools with a focus on academic excellence, personal growth, and spiritual development. Our vision of True Knowledge, Faith in Christ, and Godly Character defines our goals for students: that they may come to understand that all truth emanates from God the Creator and Sustainer and is to be found ultimately in a relationship with Jesus Christ His Son, and our Saviour. The end result of accepting and living out these truths is the development of godly character as those made in the image of God.

We aim to achieve this goal by focusing on Christ as the preeminent One in God's plan of redemption in the world, believing that He calls us to engage with Him in the world's restoration from its brokenness. We want our students to be people of influence and action in the world, well-equipped to engage positively wherever they may serve.

We are grounded in an Evangelical, Reformed theology that seeks truth wherever it may be found and recognizes that all truth is God's. Using the International Baccalaureate and Cambridge programs allows us to develop mature, thoughtful students who are committed to life-long learning and who utilize inquiry to search for the truth.

Job Responsibilities

1. Acting as level 1 & level 2 support for all problems & request coming from IT Ticketing systems*


*) IT Ticketing System is currently not available at SPH. It means, users can independently report their problems / new requests in a system/portal and then the flow of the resolution process will be updated in this system. There are plans to implement this system in the future, but ICT has not been prioritized in a near.

*) Submission for problems / requests still uses email or direct telephone

*) So for advertising job opportunities, its enough to written like this:

Acting as level 1 & level 2 support for all problems & request coming from all users

*) Level 1 in this description is the worker himself as the first party to directly receive problems or requests from users. Meanwhile, Level 2 in this description is the CO who will provide assistance when a problem needs to be escalated due to limited capabilities/technical resources (equipment, tools, etc.).

However, in the future it will be different when this ticketing system is available, the definition of levels will be different:

Level 1: Helpdesk at CO

Level 2: IT Staff at School

*) All information in the note above is for internal consumption only (as an explanation for Mr. Theo). But for advertising needs, just: Acting as level 1 & level 2 support for all problems & request coming from all users

2. Provide technical assistance for all IT Services at campus (Hardware, Network and Software) Staff/Teachers/Students.

3. Manage all activities needed related to room access security.

4. Perform maintenance routine activities for the entire IT infrastructure campus according to a predetermined schedule. And can manage teamplay with third parties when needed.

5. Always involved in providing IT support for all events on campus related to responsibilities.

6. Administer and troubleshoot for basic operation on Microsoft 365 to assist user campus problematic on it.

7. Ensure all administrative activities related to IT inventory are always managed.

8. Provide data, analysis and giving input to superiors related to budget expenditure planning related to IT needs.

Job Requirements

  • Minimum Bachelor's degree in IT (Computer Science or related field).
  • Minimum 1 year experience in the same field. Fresh graduate still welcome.
  • Have experience and know basic knowledge related to everything in the network.
  • Experienced and has a high level of knowledge of commonly used hardware : workstations (PC & Apple Product) and IT peripherals (Printer, Projector, Panels, etc).
  • Have experience and in-depth understanding for basic administration operation on collaboration platforms Microsoft 365 is a plus.
  • Strong oral communication skills to gather information from employees and explain complex technical concepts in simple language.
  • Having Analytical and problem-solving skills to troubleshoot and diagnose issues.
  • Strong demonstrable Christian faith.
  • A biblical worldview on Education.
  • Proficient in spoken and written English and Bahasa Indonesia. Additional languages may be advantageous.
  • Alignment with and commitment to the mission, vision, and values of Sekolah Pelita Harapan.
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, and intercultural skills.
  • Strong teamwork and relationship-building skills.
  • Willingness to engage in continuous learning and professional development.