Job Openings School Counsellor

About the job School Counsellor

Job Descriptions

  1. Assist the appropriate Year Level Leader with Academic tracking and contacting parents, setting up and being involved in meetings, where students are at Academic Risk.
  2. Assist the appropriate Year Level Leader in providing additional counseling for either students or their parents, if they are experiencing difficulties.
  3. Assist the Year Level Leader in welcoming new students and monitoring their integration into the community.
  4. Assist in collecting homework for students that are on prolonged absences.
  5. Homeroom duties, either in the form of their own homeroom group, or supply teaching during this time.
  6. Assist the Support for Learning Teacher in providing students with additional ESL or other academic support.
  7. As other tasks and areas of need arise from time to time, to help the involved parties.

Job Requirements

  • A degree in Education or an advanced degree in the subject area
  • Strong, demonstrable Christian faith
  • A biblical Christian worldview
  • Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills
  • A love for students
  • Enthusiasm and ability to work in a team
  • A commitment to personal and professional growth