Job Openings 26294 Account Support Coordinator

About the job 26294 Account Support Coordinator

Job Description

1. Acquire, manage and grow the partnership with Store, Merchant & Partner from the Digital Product Retail

( Airtime / Biller ) or retail industries

2. Responsible for acquisition and Training Sales Agent

3. Ensure the SA data submission is correct and accurate

4. Coordinate and ensure the target Sales Agent

Core Goals:

1. Responsibility for SA Team Target

2. training SA for Activation of Grab-merchant partners for Grab Kios transactions

3. Education and information related to features and promos to SA and Grab Kios partners

6. Daily work report to manager

7. Daily visit, briefing and tandem with SA

8. Responsibility for SA Team Target and Area

Experience / Important Criteria:

1. Good in field sales job

2. Be responsible at work

3. Good at communication and handling team

4. Able to work on target

5. Able to work under pressure

6. Have experience as Team Leader

Experience / Desired Criteria:

1. Have worked in cigarette sales / telecommunication sales

2. Homebase in Medan