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About the job Virtual Sales Associate

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Job description

Sipping Streams Tea Company is seeking to add its next superstar to our rapidly growing team! Our expectations are that this person has fun with social, is excited to bring their creative gene to work, brings innovative ideas to the table, and is responsible and reliable for 24-48 turnaround time on short projects during the business week. Clear communication is a must whether via email, phone, or text message.
If you are looking for a dynamic role with a rapid growth company and want a career in the creative online space send your portfolio and examples of your work.

  • Weekly job functions include, but not limited to:
  • Complete the 15 seconds to sell course and follow the formula for our story creation and delivery
  • Create daily stories utilizing all available functions in Facebook/Instagrams story platform -2 stories per day
  • Get on team calls minimum of 2x per week to review current company happenings and stories focus for the week
  • Update link in bio each week based on what we are promoting or driving traffic to
  • Load, edit and arrange Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Pintrest pictures in pre-planning tool called (caption images and send to Jenny for approval)
  • Make sure pictures are properly sized and formatted to ensure they are enabled for auto-posting
  • Take all content sent from media appearances and turn into stories, feed posts, etc.
  • Upload new 2-minute tip videos and Youtube videos into IGTV format properly, tag and optimize to ensure 2 new pieces of content are added to IGTV each week JT is adding to YouTube Channel which is where the new 2 minute tip video will be stored each week. Download video from YouTube and upload to IGTV each MONDAY. Write description and call to action.
  • Make sure all new pictures are stored correctly in photo gallery (Google pics)
  • Message all new followers each day welcome them to our community and engage to move them to listen to podcast (coming soon)/Alexa Flash Briefing (coming soon)/Youtube Channel and join free Facebook group
  • Add minimum of 10 new followers per day to email list and Facebook group
  • Send 200 Follow-up messages per day to engage current followers following our messaging strategy (Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter)
  • Meet with Jenny once a week to film stories and capture new photography for Instagram
  • reaching out to Instagram influencers each week to promote and create exchanges with products
  • Weekly email marketing - newsletter, offer emails, etc. for leads and customers in retail, wholesale, subscription box members, and ambassadors (use Mailchimp and Gmail)
  • Post email content onto LinkedIn or make and appropriate LinkedIn post once per week
  • Follow up with wholesale customers
  • Reach out to 5 new potential wholesale customers/week
  • Engage on 100 other accounts each day of people that you want to pay attention to what we are doing
  • Sell to all leads generated through advertising (track, drive and manage progress until closed) abandoned cart
  • Engage, comment, like follow and engage accounts to move through sales and or influencer funnel
  • Authentic crew community manager daily posts in group engagement with ambassadors and on camera videos engaging with the Sipping Streams audience
  • Targeting and engaging with like minded audience for growth of brand
  • Performance tracking of paid traffic, sales made, social metrics, etc. daily (see below)
  • Direct nurture and engagement content across all social media platforms in alignment with current offerings
  • Funnel warm leads and generate new leads via organic and paid traffic for all conversion events
  • Generate leads $2.50 and under on Facebook, Google, Youtube, and Instagram Story Ads
  • Funnel warm leads and generate new leads via organic and paid traffic into Facebook community
  • Manage list-building objectives organically and via paid traffic to meet monthly goals
  • Setup and testing/tweaking of all funnel steps (create landing pages, connect to CRM, write and map emails with Senior Marketing Manager)
  • Nurture leads inside private Facebook group to keep engaged and participating
  • Direct nurture and engagement content across all social media platforms in alignment with current offerings
  • Lead on social messaging prospects for wholesale customers, subscription box member, and brand ambassadors/affiliates (subscription box members)
  • Train and manage marketing assistants on social messaging for group program prospects/general audience building
  • Produce copy for emails, paid traffic, funnels, pages, etc.
  • Copywriting on all platforms - Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Instagram Story mapping, open cart posts, ad copy, etc.
  • Create landing pages and funnels to drive company goals and metrics
  • Co-manage + organize all launches and other conversion events with CEO
  • 300 sign-ups per launch
  • 7% conversion of launch sign-ups into new members of subscription box
  • Co-direct content for all launches and other conversion events
  • Concierge for client success in Membership Programs
  • Maintain and operate communication between company and client
  • Monthly Quality Assurance outreach to ensure World Class service and receive feedback
  • Generate referrals
  • Outreach to inactive clients to maintain a positive relationship and introduce them to new programs and resources
  • Membership website maintenance (coming soon)
  • Facilitate new client process to ensure successful and simple onboarding
  • Generate client testimonials and success stories
  • Billing Subscriptions and Calculating Affiliate Commissions
  • Book JT onto at least one Social Guesting/Podcast/radio show/tv show per week

Metrics/Success Measured By:

  • List-building and community building metrics met by week and by month
  • Weekly social messaging + lead generation metrics met
  • Consultations scheduled metrics met
  • Sales dollars closed each week/during launches
  • Lead metrics for conversion events met and target cost-per-lead met
  • Increase in podcast listenership each month (coming soon)
  • Increase in text message marketing sign-ups/rewards program by week and month
  • Launch sales results - company and personal

Tools and Technology Utilized by Senior Marketing Manager:

  • Email marketing
  • Shopify
  • Google Calendar and Calendly scheduling tools
  • Google Drive, Google Pics, Trello, Chrome Remote etc. organization
  • Zoom, Streamyard,
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest)

About Sipping Streams Tea Company
Jenny Tse is known as the leading expert in transforming people's lives through specialty teas and education. Helps people to come together and grow to know who they are. As a former Athletic Trainer and high school teacher, her expertise and background has made her and exceptional teacher in the world of tea. Jenny is a certified tea specialist with the Specialty Tea Institute. Her hand blends and teas have won 11 international awards including and 2nd at the Global Tea Championships. Sipping Streams Tea Company was featured in the Tea Almanac of Fresh Cup Magazine 2009, Tse has been a speaker at the World Tea Expo, and won 1st place for the Top Tea Infusionist Competition at the World Tea Expo 2011.

Reason for Policy: To establish intercommunication between departments for the purpose of decreasing outstanding debts from clients, to ensure employees follow 3rd party contract agreements, and to inform employees how their commissions will be affected by outstanding debts from clients. It is also to protect our revenue stream from stopping our services at then end of their contract and safeguard clients from struggling financially.
A. Introduction: The following policy and procedures statement is for Sales and
Accountability. It is to inform on basic commissions policies.
B. Policy Statement: Monthly commission will be paid based on sales closed and recurring payment paid from the previous commissions check on Friday, to the Thursday before commissions payroll
Commissions will not be paid for client payments made or sales closed after midnight of the Thursday before the final commission report is due (one week before payday)
This will be implemented as of June 2020

  • Commissions will be paid on the 2nd check of the month.
  • Weekly commissions audits will be held every Friday
  • The commissions audit will cover:
  • Confirming clients on your commission lists recurring payments have gone through
  • Confirmation that your submitted commission amount aligns with 10% of how much a client has paid
  • Keeping team members in tune with who is behind on billing so they are aware of how much they will be making in commission
  • Confirm who has changed their status from outstanding to paid, and the amount they have paid compared to any deficit
  • Having a weekly audit will allow questions regarding payroll to be answered.
  • It will keep all parties accountable on communicating
  • Will provide clarity on any concerns or potential concerns regarding your commission check
  • Regarding outstanding clients, you will be informed of when clients are outstanding the day that they are outstanding.
  • If they have promised to pay part of the whole you will receive 10% of the amount paid and will receive the rest when everything is fully paid
  • Regarding clients going to collections.
  • No commissions will be paid on outstanding bills paid through the use of a collections agency.
  • Communications regarding Commissions
  • The finance department will send out an email every Thursday morning reminding everyone of the commissions audit.
  • The finance department will send out a PDF version of the audit to each member earning commissions
  • When sending Commissions please send it in a Google spreadsheet.
  • Excess commissions and refunded payments
  • If for any reason a fee is returned/refunded to a client that commission money will be owed to the company to be taken out of the next months commission or subsequent paycheck
  • If someone is found to have received excessive commissions that money will be owed back to the company and be removed from that employees paycheck the following payday.
  • People will be notified of any excess commission paid out during the commission audit.

Commission Audit
Audit Process

  • Download Successful Payments in stripe and Square between commissions deadlines. (Friday 12:00 AM Thursday 11:59:59 PM)
  • Copy and Paste Downloaded Sheet Transactions into the commission's sheet.
  • Use Vlookup equation. If it returns the reported commission's value keep it. If not search clients name
  • Hand lookup clients who came up as error
  • Look at previous months commission reports and check if any clients missed the previous deadline. Employee could get double commissions if a client has paid twice between commissions periods.
  • Write Notes on all clients who = 0 paid

Audit Report Process

  • Total Commissions
  • Total Commissions not received due to no pays
  • Separate clients into sections based on notes.
  • Paid
  • PIF (PIF Month)
  • No Pays
  • Collections
  • Missed Deadline
  • ETC
  • Team Compensation Plan

Post Commission Audit

  • Audit Compensation Plan
  • All client-based compensation plans are based on paying clients.
  • Are all Employees Accounted for (write employees name even if they are under general compensation plans)

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Pay: $2,400.00 - $5,000.00 per month


  • Health insurance 


  • 8 hour shift
  • Day shift
  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekend availability

Supplemental pay types:

  • Bonus pay
  • Commission pay

COVID-19 considerations:
This job and interview process is fully remote.

Work Location: Remote

!!! ---- Download Education and Work History for Employment form HERE! -----!!!!