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💁‍♂️ General

   SpaceBus is a young company that was created in response to the urgent need of the organizations to support their operations during the post-covid period.

  The core idea behind SpaceBus is that, despite the global challenges, every mid-level developer can advance to the Senior level and higher, and we help them along this path by developing personalized career advancement strategies and giving them an opportunity to work on innovative and competitive projects of our customers.

   It works simple enough - we find, select, and recruit IT specialists and then, source them to the projects of our partners while making sure of the perfect expertise-necessity fit and cultural match.

   SpaceBus is a digital-first company operating remotely and avoiding bureaucracy, micro, and middle-management. This is one of the practices that make our collaboration with our partners effective and transparent.

  We hire our developers in-house and double-check their skills and competencies before sourcing them to our partners. We also support their growth by providing opportunities for their skills boost and update, mentorship, code reviews, and the like.

🧭  Mission

  To make the best place for engineers to learn new things and bring value to the partners.

🔭  Vision

  Our vision is to be earth's most engineer-centric company; to build a place where developers all around the world can come to find knowledge, mentoring, and support to become the top 3% talent in the world.

Our Openings

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