Job Openings Senior/Middle Front-end (React) Developer

About the job Senior/Middle Front-end (React) Developer

SpaceBus is out-staff family-type company without any bureaucracy, micro, and middle management. Work fully remote with flexible hours.
We are looking for developers from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, and
other countries. The communication in the company is only in ENGLISH!

We are a family-type company without bureaucracy, micro, and middle management.
In our company, you can connect directly with co-founders.
We try to hire great and exciting, proactive people. Soft skills and life values for us are more important than hard skills. Also, we appreciate the sense of humor in people.

Our goals🎯 : Create a company based on people with the same life values and go to the moon by the space bus🚀🚌

We are an out-staff company, that's why in most cases we don't know the project previously you will work on, but usually, it is big teams and interesting projects.

Also, we are interested in developing our developers, that way we have special programs for improving soft/hard skills and English classes.

We like online games and sports, mainly running and gym. But anyway we will be ok with different hobbies or activities. We try to make the team with the same interest, and we will be happy if you like us.

🔖We offer:
* Flexible schedule
* Fully remote
* Short hiring process
* Social package
* Availability to change the project
* Long term contract
* Interesting projects and teams
* Development plan for developers' skills
* Salary revision every six months
* English classes
* Learning materials

⚙️ Requirements:
* Experience in programming 4+ years
* Experience of React use 3 year
* Technical Stack: HTML, CSS, Vanilla JS, Graphql, Typescript, Redux Hooks, Redux
* Other: Agile, Jira
* English: min Strong Intermediate
* Experience with fully remote work