Job Openings Software Test Engineer (Shanghai, Weifang or Shenzhen)

About the job Software Test Engineer (Shanghai, Weifang or Shenzhen)


  1. Support test software deployment for hardware testing stations.
  2. Developing data analysis and dashboard for the test data in the cloud
  3. Support deployment of algorithm developed by client with tester vendors

Job Responsibilities:

  • Support test and instrumentation SW deployment
  • Write data analysis scripts
  • Help on-site test SW debugging in production
  • Support tester vendor in integrating client's codes and its validation
  • Working with data infrastructure team, support data server and database, and dashboard development for test data in the cloud

Candidate Requirements

Top 3 must-have HARD skills:

  1. Advanced Python software coding experience for production hardware testing
  2. Working experience with cloud and database technologies such as AWS and SQL
  3. Experience in production data visualization and report generation

Plus Points:

  1. Skill with Java , HTML,and C for server/network needs
  2. Statistic data analysis
  3. Experience with factory test support

Degrees or certifications required

  • Bachelor degree in SW Engineering, or equivalent