Job Openings Senior Cybersecurity Consultant (Remote)

About the job Senior Cybersecurity Consultant (Remote)

- Provides deep dive investigation into a lower volume of more complex attacks, often multi-stage attacks conducted by human attack operators.

- Escalation point of Level 1 analysis of alerts and incidents and provide further investigation if necessary

- Monitoring of alert and downstream dependencys health

- Provides context and insights to support all other functions using a threat intelligence platform (TIP)

- Uses threat intelligence to initiate investigations and identify malicious activity

- Responsible for assessing IT security infrastructure according to the latest threat intelligence to determine unexpected or stealthy means of network entry.

- Provides the necessary technical trainings to the SOC team

- Provides transactional technical support to CyberQ Group on other services being offered to clients which includes pre-sales activities and documentations, etc.

- Responsible for auditing client incident reports to ensure quality SOC alerting and investigation

- Performs fine-tuning of rules in SIEM

- Administration of SIEM platform and automations

- Provides assistance when needed to other parts of the operations

- Primarily responsible for Incident Response Services as First Responder

- Provides support on Transactional Consultancy Services such as Incident Response, Human Reconnaissance and Cybersecurity Awareness Training and Vulnerability Management

- Ensures quality reports and deliverables to client

- Provides technical trainings, security awareness training as required.

- Will work with the SOC Manager for continuous improvement within the operations

Desired skills

- Must have the analytical and critical thinking skills to examine security flaws and design robust network security and strategies recommendations.
- Must stay up to date with the latest technologies and developments and adopt self-teaching practices to ensure they are up to date with changes in the industry.
- Must work closely with their team and other security professionals. He/she must have the ability to share information with all team members concisely and effectively.
- The analyst must also be able to effectively handle pressure. The ability to work under pressure during incidents and meet timelines for regular security audits is essential.

Main Requirement

- 100mbps