TheBestNotary Summary
TheBestNotary coordinates in-person and online notarization appointments mainly focused on estate planning law firms, corporate legal teams and wealth managers.

There is a massive gap in the estate planning industry because of the inherent complexity of estate planning documents. The discretion needed by all stakeholders compounds the logistical and emotional intricacies of this segment. Since 2010, TheBestNotary has already been serving and building trust with law firms of all sizes for a decade and experienced significant growth since the pandemic hit. With over a billion documents notarized every year in a $30B market, a customized experience for distinct verticals is crucial.

With our extensive experience and proven track record, we are uniquely qualified to provide a whole product for estate planners of all sizes.

TheBestNotary goes beyond notarization and logistics to provide document quality review and preparation, scanning, printing, assembly of estate planning binders, document recording in counties across the US and more.

TheBestNotary’s growth and evolution has been driven by strong relationships based on trust with our customers and notary partners. We have successfully built a global, remote first company while providing “decent work” to overlooked rock stars as our contribution to the UN’s SDG goal #8 which addresses job inequality. We will use this initial investment to build a tech platform and make some strategic hires as we scale towards a $5B category defining ThaaS (Trusted Human As a Service) business.

TheBestNotary LeadershipTeam
The team is Eli Angote and Stephanie Rosso, PhD.

Eli has spent the last decade running TheBestNotary and fulfilling over 60,000 successful notary appointments while building a network of top performing notaries around the country. With a background in sales, computer science and as a paralegal, he was uniquely positioned to launch TheBestNotary which began as a Bay Area based side hustle.

Stephanie, who joined TheBestNotary in 2019, is a licensed clinical psychologist and oversees clinical teams and operations at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland. She's a member of the senior leadership team and oversees the electronic medical record implementation for behavioral health, contracting, compliance, and finances with a $20M annual budget.

Eli and Stephanie share a strong interest in social justice and providing jobs, mentorship and opportunities for people who have been overlooked and left out of the job market including the neurodiverse, veterans, senior and returning citizens as well as proven performers from under-resourced neighborhoods.

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