Job Openings Service Desk with German

About the job Service Desk with German


  • Professional certificate in Windows operating systems and networking
  • Knowledge of the following foreign languages:
  • English advanced (writing, reading, using conversational language)
  • The second language (German) advanced (writing, reading, using conversational language)


  • Knowledge of ITIL Processes
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Orientation of clients services and the capacity to work in a team
  • Excellent skills for Soft & working keyboard
  • Communication skills (Verbal & Written) to treat general clients
  • Solving of problems that are sensitive to clients, rapidly and in time.
  • Capacity to work in inadequate situations.


  • Knowledge of ITIL Service Delivery (procedure concerning to incidents, problems and administration of changes
  • Troubleshooting skills and experience in solving LU, reset PWD and transmitting messages
  • Troubleshooting skills and applications shrink-wrapped (MS office, Adobe etc.)
  • Capacity of synthesis
  • Preferably knowledge of MAC devices
  • Troubleshooting skills for VPN connectivity, dial-out, wireless routers
  • Register with knowledge of active addresses, controllers etc.
  • Exposure of instruments of password resetting
  • Previous experience in technical support shall be preferred.
  • Previous experience in IT support in Corporate environment and/or other functions of great sensitivity referring to clients


  • + 6 months of experience in labour
  • Previous experience to a position of relations with customers is a requirement of the job.
  • Previous experience in technical support constitutes an advantage.


Offering technical support by phone or email making the proof of professionalism in the relationship with clients.


  • Management of tickets (working orders) according to the performance indicators and SLA (Service Level Agreement) established at a process level: Responsible for the creation of work tickets/allocation /division on categories/ prioritization/monitoring/escalation/conclusion and obtaining of the feedback.
  • Managing phone calls received from the customer by the application of the rules and specific provisions communicated to process level
  • Solving the problems of a technical nature and following steps/stages for dealing with specific incidents reported at the level of process; compliance with all parameters and in compliance with the specifications communicated
  • Preparing MIS incident in accordance with the requirements
  • Redistributing tickets which have not been resolved (where applicable)
  • Routing/ tracking tickets allocated in the system or with other PRG
  • Proactive action with a view to effective management of queue (Remedy Queue Management)