Conyers, GA, United States

Extrusion Machine Operator

 Job Description:

Summary Description: The purpose and function of this entry level job is to learn, assist and/or operate assigned equipment of our company.

Job Responsibilities: Operating assigned equipment and performing other related duties as necessary Maintaining satisfactory housekeeping levels of assigned areas. Responsible for material handling including retrieving raw materials, moving materials in process, and movement / storage of finished product. Responsible for relieving breaks, lunches and vacations. Responsible for other related duties as assigned by management.

Qualifications: Demonstrated ability to work with hazardous chemicals. Read, write, add, subtract, multiply and divide proficiently. This position requires good mechanical and electrical inclination Physical ability to lift and move materials such as 55 lb (25kgs) packages and move full 55 gallon drums.

 Salary Package:

16.00 - 18.00 ()