Job Openings Manager, Business Intelligence Center - Data Scientist

About the job Manager, Business Intelligence Center - Data Scientist

Key responsibilities:

  • Develop and communicate roadmaps for data science projects
  • Design effective agile workflows and manage a cycle of deliverables that meet timeline and resource constraints.
  • Serve as a bridge between stakeholders and AI suppliers to facilitate seamless communication and understanding of project requirements.
  • Work closely with external AI suppliers to ensure alignment between project goals and technological capabilities.
  • Identify and gather data sets necessary for AI projects
  • Prior experience in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI algorithm to solve respective business cases and pain points.
  • Prior hands-on experience in data-mining techniques to better understand each pain point and provide insights.
  • Able to design and conduct analysis to support product & channel improvement and development.
  • Present key findings and recommendations to business counter parties and senior management on project approach and strategic planning.


  • Bachelor degree or higher in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Management Information System or an IT related field.
  • 3+ years of proven experience as a Data Scientist with a focus on project management (Retail or E-Commerce business is preferable).
  • Experience in SQL and Python (Pandas, Numpy, SparkSQL)
  • Ability to manipulate and analyze complex, high-volume, high-dimensionality data from varying sources
  • Experience in BigData Technologies like Hadoop, Apache Spark, Databrick
  • Experience in machine learning and deep learning (Tensorflow, Keras, Scikit-learn, Generative AI)
  • Good Knowledge of Statistics
  • Experience in Data Visualization (Tableau, PowerBI) is a plus
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to convey complex findings to non-technical stakeholders
  • Having good attitude toward team working and willing to work hard.