Job Openings Account Officer- Baguio

About the job Account Officer- Baguio

ccount Acquisition Company Accreditations

  1. Finds new prospective accounts and constantly expanding the business.
  2. Monitors sales data and keeping up to date with current market trends and customer needs.
  3. Researching the target market and finding companies to target, including building a sales pipeline to ensure a constant stream of sales.
  4. Setting and attending meetings with potential customers and closing sales
  5. Achieving monthly sales and revenue targets as well as KPIs related to account acquisition and loan issuances.
  6. Evaluates prospective companies vs. accreditation criteria including:
  7. Develops recommendations for each potential accreditation.
  8. Prepares company accreditation write-up and package and secures approval for this through routing and/or presentation.

Employee Base Penetration for Salary Loan Applications

  1. Coordinates with Marketing Services and Business Development to ensure optimal marketing efforts into the employee bases of accredited companies.
  2. Secures opportunities within accredited companies to perform targeted sales and marketing initiatives to spur individual salary loan applications.

Relationship Management

  1. Builds and maintains relationships with clients and key personnel within accredited companies.
  2. Conducts business reviews to ensure accounts are satisfied with their products and services.
  3. Keeps abreast of opportunities for further sales within key accredited.
  4. Escalates and resolves areas of concern as raised by clients.
  5. Carries out client satisfaction surveys and reviews.
  6. Monitors company performance against service level agreements and flagging potential issues.

Liaises with internal departments to ensure account needs are fulfilled effectively.

Sales Administration

  1. Monitors ongoing sales campaign spends against the budget, keeping accurate records, highlighting where variances occur, and evaluating return on investment.
  2. Produces an accurate summary of total spend at the end of a sales activity or campaign.
  3. Undertakes detailed ongoing analysis of sales campaigns to ensure targets are met.