Job Openings Chief Legal and Compliance Officer (Group of Companies)

About the job Chief Legal and Compliance Officer (Group of Companies)


Position Title

Chief Legal and Compliance Officer (Group of Companies)


Reporting TO

Group CEO


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Confidential Search. Will discuss the company name once shortlisted for interview.





Phnom Penh, Cambodia





Key Responsibilities

I.          Main Duties and Responsibilities:

1)     Provide leadership and expert advice to Senior Executives and internal management team and resolution of a diverse range of legal, regulatory and compliance matters which impact the organization’s capacity to achieve its strategic goals

2)     Analysis and interpretation of complex policy, legal and regulatory issues, to prepare high
quality and articulate submissions, reviews and recommendations that add value to decision
makers, enhance the decision-making process

3)     Keep abreast of contemporary legal advancements and develop innovative policy and legal
options in response to challenging operational requirements to expand ability to effectively
deliver its core business and enhance the experience and outcomes

4)     Lead and monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the legal function’s service delivery and
day to day operations, to create and ensure policy, legal and regulatory compliance is met and
that risk is identified, minimized and managed

5)     Assess and respond to the impact of changes in the operating environment on relevant
legislation, legal, policy and regulatory frameworks to ensure a high level of integration with
the broader context, including the direction and role within government.



Experience / Knowledge Required

1)     Master’s degree in business and Commercial Law or any relevant to the job

2)     5 Years’ experience in Legal management

3)     Ability to identify and analyze complex issues / problems in management areas, and
recommend and implement solutions.

4)     Ability to manage office functions economically and efficiently, plan work, maintains good
interpersonal relations and communications with lawyers and support staff.

5)     Displays excellent supervisory and leadership skills.

6)     Has the ability to evaluate and weigh all legal aspects and / or situation, and be able to provide
sound solutions, with the ultimate aim of protecting the legal rights of the Organization.

7)     Model the highest standards of ethical behavior and reinforce them in others




$2800 - $4000



TBA (in negotiation stage)


Working Hours

Mon – Fri/Half day Sat



Interview Process

2-3 Rounds


Recruiter Contact Details

Janel Turla

012 790143