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Factory Director

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About the company

A vertical setup and modern group with the integration of fabric development and production, garment development, design, production and sale. The group has five major manufacturing bases in both Cambodia and mainland China and also has representative offices in New York and Hong Kong. The company has been established a stable selling network in the mainstream markets of the world well-known brands and global top 500 enterprises for over 20 countries and regions.

Work location

National Road 3, Takeo Province, Cambodia

Key responsibilities

  • Supervise and improve work efficiency, and effectively control production plan, process flow, quality control and cost;
  • Organize the preparation of various rules and regulations for production management, including the formulation, modification and improvement of management systems such as production, equipment, safety inspection and production statistics, and supervise, inspect, guide, control and implement the implementation of the system;
  • Comprehensively manage various production data of the company, and organize the preparation and summary of statistical reports. Pay attention to the results of various data, analyze and find the problems existing in data management, and put forward effective measures.
  • Timely arrange and deal with all kinds of emergencies and complete the tasks assigned by the president.


  • Technical secondary school degree or above, more than 10 years of factory production management experience in garment industry, textile and garment industry is preferred.
  • Master lean production and 6sigma, be familiar with standardization and process management, and have successful cases of production efficiency improvement.
  • Strong management, communication and coordination skills;
  • Mature and steady, strong ability to work under pressure and strong sense of responsibility.

Salary range

$1800 - $3000 Gross


TBA during interview  

Working days

Mon - Fri, Half on Sat

Working hours

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Interview process

2-3 Rounds

Recruiter contact details

Janel Turla

Head of Recruitment

    012 790 143