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HR & Admin Manager

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A brand-new MCN (Multi-Channel Network) organization, which is operate and handle Arts, Life Style, Social Media via its experience in Licensing & Merchandising, Productions, Advertising and Consultancy. We are a Young, Fresh and Active! Our mission is to refreshing the culture with new technology!



Phnom Penh, Cambodia


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Key Responsibilities

1. Formulate the company's human resources strategic plan and annual human resources plan according to the company's development strategy

2. Establish and improve human resource management systems and systems, including recruitment, performance, training, salary and staff development

3. Organize & revise company's HR related procedures, systems and management processes, implement and supervise them, and made timely revisions and adjustments according to the actual operation.

4. Provided suggestions on human resource strategy and organizational construction to the decision-making level, and committed to improving the management level of the company.

5. Structure the company's annual human resource demand plan, organize the implementation of the personnel recruitment process, and seek suitable talents for the company through various channels;

6. Responsible for providing suggestions on human resources and other aspects to the decision-making level of the company, and controlling the cost of human resources.

7. Enrich corporate culture, effectively form a benign and healthy corporate atmosphere.



Experience / Knowledge Required

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 8 years of human resource management experience in large enterprises.

2. Have a great understanding and rich practical experiences of modern enterprise human resource management mode and various modules of human resource management.

3. Innovative human resource management thinking, strong sense of responsibility, dedication, good professional ethics, loyal to the the company, strictly guard the company's business secrets;

4. Good decision-making ability, communication and coordination ability, team work ability, and coaching ability;

5. Proficient in relevant labor laws, HR policies and government regulations, familiar with modern enterprise human resource management practices.

6. Chinese speaker.




$1500 - $2000



As per Cambodia Law


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Monday to Friday 8 hrs, Sat – half day


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1-2 Process of Interview


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Janel Turla

012 790143